Alps Goodness Green Tea Toner.

Do you have acne-prone skin? Do you have large pores? Do you want a good, budget-friendly toner? Don’t worry, I am here and also the Alps Goodness Green Tea Toner review.

But before we move to the actual review. Let’s mention my skin type and concern so that you guys will have a clear idea. My skin is combination type which becomes super dry during the winter season. Now, my skin concern is acne. My skin is so acne prone that I don’t even use a single product outside of dermatologist’s recommendation. So. I used to only use facewash and a moisturiser recommended by my doctor. But then acne started appearing during this winter season. So I decided to give a shot to a toner. Initially I was reluctant and hugely concerned of how my skin will react but then I went with Alps Goodness Green Tea Toner.

Here is the review.

Name: Alps Goodness Green Tea Toner.

Quantity: 120ml.

Price: 127 bucks.

Availability: very few offline. Mostly online on Purplle.

Durability: 2 years.

How to use: Wash your face, apply it. Let it dry.

Packaging: comes in a spray bottle.

Colour: green.

Smell: very much like RCM’s green tea facewash.

Consistency: water like.

Overall impact: so here is my opinion about Alps Goodness Green Tea Toner.

As I have said earlier my skin is extremely acne prone. So I was initially reluctant, but somehow I thought if giving it a try. The Alps Goodness Green Tea toner magically suits me (extremely acne prone skin). Not only it suits me but also it reduces the acne as well. I use it twice a day with my regular facewash and moisturiser (prescribed by doctor).

Alps Goodness is a renowned brand that provides you good quality product in an affordable range. The packaging is even travel friendly, it comes in a spray bottle.

I am using it for almost 3 weeks and my pimples have gone! Yes magically! I am surprised more than you, because my skin reacts to every new thing but this toner just suits me amazingly. Alps Goodness toner, you stole my heart!
It also provides you a kind of within glow and also moisturises your skin.
Overall my experience was good. Alps Goodness Green Toner really helps with curing acne and providing you a glow and also it is affordable as well.

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