Bhubaneswar IIT experience, Alma Fiesta 2020 and much more.

So, I have recently visited Bhubaneswar IIT for their annual cultural programme called Alma Fiesta, 2020 for my solo performance. It was like a solo trip for me, so I was damn excited. I was alone on my own for the first time. So here is my experience of Bhubaneswar IIT and the whole journey.

1. Before the actual day of travelling, I was so scared like how will I manage everything on my own and how the Bhubaneswar experience will be.

2. I was alone on the train. I was tensed but not so much. As soon as the train starts, I was relaxed, I was like “hey Bhubaneswar I am coming”.

3. My first reaction, when I entered in the main campus of Bhubaneswar IIT was amazing. The whole area is so huge, so peaceful and so relaxed. If you are going from city area then you will get a lots of fresher air there.

4. I stayed in their girls’ hostel. And oh boy! the hostel rooms and the food were of top class. I had stayed in other places as well but this one’s accommodation and fooding were amazing.

5. You will find a lot of bengalis in Bhubaneswar IIT. I even found some girls’ who live close to my area.

6. At night, you will actually see the quieter version of the whole campus. It is as if the whole Bhubaneswar is sleeping and you are the only one awake in this dark night.

7. There Alma Fiesta, 2020 was also great. The management was amazing and surprisingly they maintained the time duration of every event.

My whole experience of Bhubaneswar IIT was amazing and I also won a competition so It was doubly good for me. If you are someone like me who loves the silent places then IIT campus will surely impress you.

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