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  • মেকআপ আর্টিস্ট দের নিয়ে মেগা কনটেস্ট

    মেকআপ আর্টিস্ট দের নিয়ে মেগা কনটেস্ট

    রূপসজ্জায় পারদর্শী মেকআপ আর্টিস্ট দের নিয়ে মেগা কনটেস্ট শুরু হয়ে গেছে বাংলা নতুন বছর ১৪২৯। যে কোনো উৎসবে নারী পুরুষ নির্বিশেষে রূপসজ্জায় পারদর্শী মেকআপ আর্টিস্টদের নিয়ে নববর্ষের প্রাক্কালে বেলগাছিয়ার শুভক্ষন হলে অনুষ্ঠিত হয়ে গেল HD স্টুডিওসের পরিচালনায় মেগা মেকআপ আর্টিস্ট কনটেস্ট। যেখানে বিশিষ্ট ফ্যাশন ডিজাইনার বৈভব(সন্দীপ শীল)এর ব্র্যান্ড এস এস ট্র্যাডিশনাল স্টাইল লফ্টের ডিজাইনার পোষাক […]

  • Alps Goodness Green Tea Toner Review

    Alps Goodness Green Tea Toner. Do you have acne-prone skin? Do you have large pores? Do you want a good, budget-friendly toner? Don’t worry, I am here and also the Alps Goodness Green Tea Toner review. But before we move to the actual review. Let’s mention my skin type and concern so that you guys […]



    Hey beauties, kajal is something that we all love, specially to make that bold statement! It is like an essential thing, every girl needs. Even when you decide to go without make up, the tiny tinge of kajal can make you look bold and confident. Therefore it is loved by women, worldwide. Keeping up with […]

  • Neckline Eye catch kajal review

    These days women love to do makeup and, not the loud but the minimal one. And kajal is one of the most favourite products of we women! The slight hint of kajal adds not only a definition to your eyes but can actually glam up your whole look, in minutes. So today I have come with […]

  • An Affordable Lipstick

    An Affordable Lipstick

    We all love to glam up ourselves in this season of festivals. So here I bring the review of an affordable liquid lipstick. Festive season is going on and soon the marriage ceremonies will be in corner so our makeup should be on the top range. Lipstick is something we girls absolutely love,  especially the […]

  • 5 Most Expensive Beauty Products

    5 Most Expensive Beauty Products Cosmetics can help to enhance the beauty of a person, may it be a man or woman. It can help a person exude class and sophistication. These days, however, owning specific cosmetic products can also serve as an investment items because of all the jewels and other precious stuffs attached […]

  • Makeup Trends in 2017

    Makeup Trends in 2017

    As we are approaching the new year, we should thank 2017 about the amazing makeup trends and ideas that it has given us. It has been the year of natural and fresh makeup with lots of experimentation. So let’s take a look! 1. Glossy lips- This year, fashion gurus and artists brought the lip glosses […]

  • Graphic For The Eyes, 2017 Eye Makeup Trends

    Graphic For The Eyes, 2017 Eye Makeup Trends

    Compliments of the season folksiest and i hope you had a fabulous Christmas and a rocking NYE too! Now that we are in 2017, I was looking up some of the trends to know what could be the next-quirky-thing in eye makeup! It seems graphic eye makeup would be a big hit, so let’s take […]

  • Notch It Up On the Grooming This New Year

    Notch It Up On the Grooming This New Year

    It’s certainly nippy in the air and the mood is far from being somber; can’t blame the party revelers and the millennials going crazy about their plans to chill out- literally some of them i tell you. With that being said, as a student of cosmetology, i cannot help but notice some of us not […]

  • Smart Gorgeous Hacker Secrets To Keep You Pretty And Chic

    No eyeliner, OMG! No  blush and lip gloss, good heavens! What do we do? The party is just about this evening, and here your vanity case looks like a scene from a robbed event- where did everything go? Fear not and worry less, with simple DIY ways you too can ensure you never run out […]