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Hey beauties, kajal is something that we all love, specially to make that bold statement! It is like an essential thing, every girl needs. Even when you decide to go without make up, the tiny tinge of kajal can make you look bold and confident. Therefore it is loved by women, worldwide.

Keeping up with the current makeup trends is not easy always. And specially those school or  college going girls, they have to restraint themselves within a specific budget.

So here I am and as your magician, present to you an affordable option of one such kajal which you can definitely opt for. So, lets get started!

Product name: PATANJALI HERBAL KAJAL (Black)

Price: 90( MRP)

Quantity: 3g

Availability: In all Patanjali stores. Online on Flipkart and Amazon as well.

Packaging: It comes in a cardboard packet. The inner packaging is with a twisting mechanism.

Travel-friendly: No, absolutely.

Staying power: It will stay upto 5 to 6 hours.

Application: just the way you apply your regular kajal.

It is an amazing kajal for the starters as well as for, regular usage. It is buttery smooth to apply in one stroke and you will get to see its wonder as a dark pigment. Another thing I absolutely love about it is its dark pigment. In one swipe you can get your desired look. You don’t have to rub unnecessarily. It soothes your eyes with a cool sensation. It has a very sharp tip making it easy for application.

However this is not a super matte formula. It is more like the creamy texture and it has that glossy tinge in it, a little bit. It stays upon your eyelids for about good five hours time, after which it will smudge from the outer side of your eyes. Another thing is that, it has a smell of herbal which is almost like camphor. It is not that strong but still it has the smell though it will evaporate after sometime. It is not travel friendly at all. The lid is supportive

My final verdict for this kajal is that, it is a good kajal based on an affordable range which you can definitely give a shot to. It has a long staying power too! Try it now!

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