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Benefits of coffee

Coffee has alot of benefits! It is one of the most popular drink in the world. It’s prepared from roasted coffee beans. But it not just black water with caffeine. It has many health benefits. National Institute of Health found that higher coffee consumption is associated with lower risk of death. Below are some benefits.

• Coffee increase energy level. It contain caffeine is a stimulant drug which increase energy. People drink coffee to feel less tired, fresh. This is the most obvious things of it.

• It boost physical performance. Caffeine can rise metabolism and increased adrenaline levels in blood. Have one cup of coffee about an hour before workout, your performance can improved.

• It is good sources of antioxidant which is fighting against fee radicals. Its good for skin. Antioxidant helps to protect against oxidative stress which can damage molecules in our cells.

• Studies have shown that people who drink coffee have a significantly lower risk of diabetes type II. Caffeine decrease insulin sensitivity and impairs glucose.

• Studies have shown that caffeine protect you from demantia. High caffeine level in your blood reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

• A study by national Institute of Health found that caffeine may decrease the risk of a certain type of skin cancer.

• Also, studies shown that caffeine reduce risk of Parkinson’s disease. Regularly drinking it decrease risk of Parkinson’s disease.

According to research, it is recommended the adults should consume 3-4 cups coffee a day and not more than that. If u drink too much, there can be some severe side effects, which might cause some serious health problems!

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