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Undoubtedly, all of us have lost our mental peace, under the shackles of regular drudgery of routine. These days where we multitask to satisfy and complete our ambitions and aspirations, we have made many unwanted friends called STRESS.

Stress makes us so weak that we are bound to surrender ourselves to caffeine, smoking and drinking addiction just to release stress.
But how about good soothing music or a bar of dark chocolate? Which boosts serotonin secretions and adds little enthusiasm and zeal?
How about scrolling few jokes and sharing them with groups and friends and having a good laughter?
How about calling our closed ones and asking them how they are doing and discussing something optimistic?

I agree stress has demonically conquered us and we can’t blame anyone cause to quench the thirst of success we are bound to deal with them of course.
So without taking any drugs or being dependent on something to just escape stress(we generally escape from stress by taking help of narcotics, smoking and alcohols) we can opt for some healthy and easy tricks to hack the stress we face.

So, here I’m jolting some hacks to deal with everyday stress:-
• Social medias like Facebook, Instagram or Reddit are filled with memes. Those are funny, tricky and catchy having great sense of sarcasm, humor, irony, hypocrisy and fun. Most importantly they help us to laugh and bring smile. And as we are laughing the serotonin hormones are released, relaxing our mind.

• A good talk with close ones.
It’s quite important to be Frank, cause once we spit out all and every guilt, happiness, regret and anger we have more space for other stuffs to stack on. And we can make a good start.

• How about a bar of chocolate?
I’m not aware about others but whenever I’m upset, stressed or sad I dig into a great mug of Oreo shake topped with all delicacies like chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, sugar coated chocolates etc. Or I simply Start eating a bar of dark chocolate or white chocolate or milk chocolate. Cause eating chocolate makes someone happy. And eating chocolate releases endorphins into the brain. Endorphins are known to decrease levels of both stress and pain.

• Yoga?
You aren’t aware of yoga asana? Open any yoga channel on YouTube and start doing yoga and meditation or breathing exercises. They soothe body and mind. And if you want to sweat like beast then hit gym. And burn some calories and sweat more.

So, these are some little hacks for stress. Hope you like them follow them, make these, a part of your regular regime! These stress busters are sure to rejuvinate your stress levels and help you lead a happier and healthier life!

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