“Healthy” and “street foods” are two contradictory terms. Yet those finger licking delicacies you find in almost every street corners of India possess some nutritional values. You might be one on diet but the sights of street foods tempt you too. According to nutritionists, from Fhuchka to Sweet aloo chat to Jhal muri, all of these are healthy in some way or the other and hence, you no longer have to walk away without having your favorite street food.

The rule that you have to follow on the streets is having what you find freshly cooked or prepared right in front of you.  So here is a list of some yummy and healthy Indian street foods you can feast on.

  1. “Corn on the cob”- Bhutta

Indian bhutta is something you can enjoy at any time without giving it a second thought. It is a healthy snack being low in terms of calories and fat and is full of zeananthin and lutein (carotenoids). Bhutta is best for the functioning of the digestive tract and is a great source of antioxidants like Beta-carotene, frolic acid and alpha-carotene. The threat of cardio-vascular diseases is lowered by the phytonutrients found in Bhutta. Now you can have bhutta either raw or roasted with lime and spices or the spicy bhutta chaat.

  1. Sweet aloo chaat

Also known as Shakarkandi, you will find this food during winters in almost all streets in North India. Sweet aloo chaat is loaded with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B and C and minerals like manganese, potassium, iron and fiber. If you are a potato lover but restraining from the same due to the fear of gaining weight, then it’s time for you to feast. Shakarkandi is reviewed as a weight-reduction food with each of the sweet potato having only 112 calories and 0 fats. It is the best replacement for deep fried Aloo chaat.

  1. Jhal Moori

Spicy Puffed rice or Jhal Moori is a light – wholesome snack that soothes your taste buds with something spicy as well as meets your desire for something crunchy. It takes only few minutes for preparation and is easily digestible. Veggies, peanuts and spices all enhance its taste.

  1. Poha

Poha is highly popular in the streets of Maharashtra and makes a healthy diet since the same is steamed and contain no added preservatives. Peanuts and some veggies along with light spices are added to enhance its taste.

  1. Idli/Dosa

Steaming idlis and crispy dosas serve as rescue foods for a large number of people not only in South India but also through the country. These two authentic South Indian street foods are rich in protein being made from urad dal and rice batter and the calorie rate too is low. You also have numerous choices with dosas like crispy paper dosa or paneer dosa or masala dosa and enjoy their nutritional values.

  1. Fhucka/ Pani-puri

One of the most favored street food, Fhucka helps in beating the sultry summer heat. The imly (tamarind) water in which the fhucka is soaked and served to you is the best part hitched to fhucka. At times, there are some counters where both imly and pudina are used to prepare the water. While Tamarind is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and essential volatile chemicals, pudina helps in keeping your body cool, ensures proper functioning of the digestive system, is enriched with anti-oxidants, relives asthma and gives your taste buds a great treat.

So, the next time you come across these foods, you no more have to walk away killing your temptations. Just go and ask for a plate to feast.

Happy Fooding… 🙂



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