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Makeup Trends in 2017

As we are approaching the new year, we should thank 2017 about the amazing makeup trends and ideas that it has given us. It has been the year of natural and fresh makeup with lots of experimentation. So let’s take a look!

1. Glossy lips- This year, fashion gurus and artists brought the lip glosses back, which was almost absent in 2016. It was a year of liquid matte lipsticks, but lip glosses are a refreshing change that adds dimension and youth.

3. Au naturale- Healthy, radiant and conditioned skin is preferred this year over the full coverage and cakey makeup that was in last year. Letting your skin breathe with a sheer coverage base, nude lips and mascara, and a little strobing for that subtle highlight on the cheeks and a brown mascara with naturally flushed lip would be used to achieve this look.

3. Dewy and luminous skin- Natural beauty, also the center of ‘Lanvin’ and ‘Dior’ fashion, is all about the beautiful, flawless and natural complexions. Some concealer along with subtle highlight with natural lips are so much in trend.

4. Bold kohl-rimmed eyes- Dark black kohl rimmed eyes, also sported by the brand ‘Chloe’ on the runway, is very much fashionable. The 60’s trend has returned. Pair with muted lips and let your eyes do the talking!

5. Straight brows- Arched thick brows were the thing of 2016. But this year natural groomed eyebrows are in as they go with natural looks and make you look young. Straight groomed brows are on trend this year.

6. Dimensional lips- Experimenting with your lips is the thing in 2017. Glitter lips were seen in many fashion runways, for example DKNY. For an easy result, layer a darker shade on the outer part of the lips and a lighter shade in the inner part for an ombre effect.

7. Rose is the new neutral- Everything rosy and mauvy toned is in this year and it goes with a lot of skin tones. Pinky monochrome on eyes, lips and cheeks creates a youthful, fresh look.

8. Royalty- Royal look with a dewy finish, as of that in Dolce and Gabbana, is very pretty and easy to achieve. But instead of a full coverage, go for a medium coverage foundation with bronzer, winged liner and bold lips and it’s a perfect look for a special occassion.

9. Even more glitter- Glossy and metallic finishes are the thing for this year. Metallic lips, eyelids, eyeliners and what not! It is all about reflecting light and shining bright!

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