Weekend Gossip with Akhil Sachdeva

1. Which band / singer / lyricist inspired you ( Akhil Sachdeva) in singing? Frankly saying, there is nothing special which has inspired me in singing. I have a band but you would be amused to hear that I don’t listen to songs much. Everything which has a soul in it inspires me. 2. How […]

Interview with Subhamita Banerjee

1. How was your experience during the jouney of MTV India’s Top Model? Ans: It was really good, tough and adventourus at the same time! However, it was unexpected for me that I will be one of the top positions. Generally, we don’t get to see so many challenging activities in other model shows. So, […]

A Creator is also a Destroyer

It seems a story but it’s true Arideepto Ghosh by profession a fashion photographer and son of Tridip Ghosh who can be better termed as King of folk theater in Bengal today stands on the verge of life and death. Arideepto Ghosh whose photography gives birth to glamorous entities of the fashion world is fighting […]

Morning Coffee with Sidhu “Cactus”

From when did you start your musical journey? Ans. In my college days, I used to perform in my college fests and other programs. Apart from that it has been exact 23 years and 10 months since I started singing. Tell us the story of forming Cactus. Ans. It was initiated in the year of […]

Mountaineering with David Kretz

1. When did you start riding bike? My name is David Kretz. I am from Switzerland. Born 22.04.1986. I always wanted to ride a motorcycle but i never had the money for it since i was focused on Mountain biking. First time i rode a motorcycle was 2012 when I went with some good friends […]

Interview with Rajarshi “Cocco” Mitter

Who was your inspiration in the field of music? Taking only one name would be unfair. I started my musical journey around the year 2006 -2007. That time there were few famous Bengali bands, if I have to take names I’ll mention Cactus and other bands as well, they have been a real inspiration to […]

Interview Session with Rahul Arya

1. Tell us about your childhood. A:  Born in Delhi; I knew, I’m an Artist since childhood, just took 20yrs. to prove rest of the world. A backbencher in studies; somehow managed to get decent grades. 2. What made you choose to be a sand artist leaving your build up career? A: Frankly; Never knew […]

Interview Session with Jonita Gandhi

01. How has your journey as a singer been so far, from recording YouTube videos to performing live with esteemed artists like Sonu Nigam & A.R. Rahman?  When I look back at where I’ve come from and all of the tremendous opportunities that I’ve had since I’ve been in India, I am so thankful for […]

Interview with Karin Leitner

1. When did you start playing flute? K : I started playing the recorder when I was 4 years old, then switched to flute when was 10. I have played ever since. Later on I went to the conservatoire and then academy of music in Vienna, graduated there and also had a postgraduate scholarship in […]