Interview of Arfi Lamba

1. How did you grab the role of ‘Bardi’ in Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire”? A: I was one of the last to join the cast and it was a cameo. I got to have a tea with Danny Sir and when he asked me to say the lines, I had even forgotten those because I […]

Interview of Asees Kaur

Tell us something about the journey of your ( Asees Kaur ) career from the beginning till date. A: I have been telling about this for such a long time (laughs). I’m from a Sikh family so, my father always wanted me to sing Gurbani. We are four sisters so, my father wanted all of […]

Interview of Ruhaanika Dhawan.

How did you grab the role of ‘Aashi’ in Zee TV’s “Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein”?   A: I used to live near Infinity Mall I, Mumbai. I went there on a regular basis. Somebody had spot me, there are people like that in Mumbai. My mother didn’t know about it at that time so, […]

Interview of Arjun Kamath

You studied Information Science at B.M.S College of Engineering, what made you to choose photography as your career?   A: From young age I was interested in creativity but I realized it much later in my life. While I was pursuing engineering, I went for a trip to Delhi with my family, I carried a […]

Interview of Shefali Alvares

1. You made your debut in a Telugu movie, “Saleem Kuch Luv Jaisa” with the song, “Oh! Mama Miya”! How was your journey from Telugu Industry to Bollywood? A: Well, in Telugu it’s just like I did two songs or so. I was trying a different thing at the beginning since I’m based on Jazz […]