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Interview of Asees Kaur

  1. Tell us something about the journey of your ( Asees Kaur ) career from the beginning till date.

A: I have been telling about this for such a long time (laughs). I’m from a Sikh family so, my father always wanted me to sing Gurbani. We are four sisters so, my father wanted all of us to sing Gurbani in Gurudwaras. My musical journey started with singing Sabbath. Then I came to Mumbai and things started falling in correct places and it was a very nice journey. I sung few songs like Dildara, etc.. And then Bolna came out, it’s known to everybody.

  1. If not singing, then what other career options you had in your mind?

A: Nothing. It was always singing, singing and singing (laughs). Bachpan se hi, I had only one dream that is, to sing for films.

  1. Which is the most memorable achievement in your life?

A: There are many achievements in my life. Um, for the most memorable achievement, it’s the Radio Mirchi Music Award for Bolna.

  1. A hearty congratulations for that. So, how would like to differentiate between achievement and success?

A: Oh, thank you! Well, these two are closely related, you know. I can set a goal and achieve that. Success is something, jab bahar wale log jante hain and they come to know you. Achievement can be a personal goal also.

  1. According to you, which is the most difficult task-Writing a song, composing it or singing it?

A: Ah! Actually, some one is into writing, the other into composing it and some one else sings it. So, it comes naturally to the lyricist, composer and singer, respectively. It’s a team work. You can’t measure.

  1. Who’s your favorite music director?

A: Rahman Sir and Amit Trivedy. Krsna Solo as well. There are many actually (laughs).

  1. Is it really required to have pain in life for singing an emotional song or it just comes within when you sign up the project?

A: (laughs). I have never felt that much pain in spite of singing emotional songs. Artists can feel the emotions and we can manifest those. It’s not mandatory to have pain for that.

  1. You had participated in Indian Idol and Awaz Punjab Di, do you feel that these platforms are fruitful for the talented singers or these are just entertainment based on the TRPs?

A: Definitely, reality shows have helped a lot of singers to build their career. But after the reality show is over, it depends on the person how he or she takes it from there. Good work always comes into focus.

  1. Now-a-days, many actors are singing in movies. What’s your opinion regarding this?

A: I think the singers should sing and actors should act (laughs). Though, some of the actors sing very well. I really like Parineeti’s songs.

  1. Do you ever get scared for the ups and downs in this industry?

A: I have never faced so. But you should always keep calm. Concentrate in giving your best.

  1. Which Bollywood song you would have sung better than the original version if you got the chance to sing it?

A: (laughs) I’m not gonna answer this, PASS! (laughs)

  1. Which thing you enjoy the most being famous and which is the one that you miss the most?

A: See, I always wished to be a famous person. I really enjoy the fame. I literally don’t miss anything.

  1. What’s up next?

A: I’ve just sung “Beat It Bijuria” from Munna Michael. It’s a dance number. I’ve also sung for Sony’s “Pehredaar Piya Ki”, it’s a beautiful song. Both the songs are of different genres. Lots of songs are coming up.

  1. Message for your fans.

A: Keep listening to good music. Thank You for always loving me (laughs).

  1. Few words for LaughaLaughi.

A: You guys are doing a great job. It’s good to connect to our fans via you. Thank You.

Journalist- Sreetama Thakur.

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