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The Bong girl who is making it big in the South & Bollywood Industries

  • While you were pursuing Political Science Honours from Scottish Church College, why did you decide to give audition for Sharpe’s Peril?


A: During the vacation of my college, I went to Mumbai and joined Kishore Namit’s Acting Academy and I was asked to give the audition. And the director spotted me and said that, “She’s the only girl perfect for Sharpe’s Peril”. That’s how I was chosen and my journey started.


  • How was your experience to start your career by playing a role in the BBC telefilm?


A: I was really amazed and happy. At that time, I didn’t know with whom I was going to act. By seeing Sean Bean, I couldn’t believe my eyes that I was going to work with him. I was really thrilled.


  • Since your family disapproved your decision to act, you ran away from Kolkata. That wasn’t easy. We would like to know that how did you make up your mind for implementing such a strong decision.


A: You know, since my childhood I was a very ‘ziddi’ child. If I want something, I get it. It came in my mind that I want to act. But my family was very conservative & I was sure that I won’t get their consent to fulfill my dream. Forget about acting, they wouldn’t have allowed their daughter to do job also. I had made up my mind to act without knowing what was there for me in future. And it all happened gradually. (Laughs)


  • Are they cool now with your profession and success?


A: Yeah, they are very happy. I’m doing quite well now so, they are pleased with it. “Bacche kuchh bhi kar lete hain” but parents always stand by them.


  • Share with us briefly about your journey after flying to Mumbai.


A: I used to do my studies and shoot for my South films. I was managing both at a time. After completion of my graduation, I totally got settled in Mumbai and my focus was only on acting.


  • What made you choose Telegu movies?


A: I went for an audition with a friend of mine just to see the procedure. Over there also, the director spotted me. I had no idea about South India so, initially, it was a ‘no’ from my side but the director convinced my parents and me. So, I did it. And the film turned out to be a blockbuster. I was like, “Oh My God!” People started liking me so much. Once you get something, “usko chhodna mushkil ho jata hain”! That’s why I decided to continue over there.


  • How did you grab the role in “Patel Ki Punjabi Shaddi”?


A: The director and the producer saw my works. They decided that I can fit in the character of ‘Pooja’ in “Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi”. I had given audition, done photo shoots and screen tests. Finally, I was finalised and accordingly, the shooting started.


  • What are your expectations for your Bollywood debut?


A: Umm! It’s a very clean film, a family drama. This film offers a lot of entertainment. It has meaningful comedy along-with a cute romance.


  • Wish you all the very best! You’ve worked in these industries. So, in which industry do you want to stay connected with and why?


A: Thank You so much. Look, South is technically very high. It was lovely working and I got my break there. I’ve a huge fan following over there. I’ve worked with eminent personalities. Though, I don’t understand the language much. (Laughs) Now, I can understand little bit but when I started it was Hebrew for me. South will always remain close to my heart. Bollywood is something which I had dreamt since my childhood. I used to see the cover pages of Femina, etc.. and wished to be there one day. And today, I’m there in the cover pages of all the big magazines. I’m really glad. I’m getting my launch with such stalwarts in the Bollywood industry. I’m looking forward to it.


  • We hear that the glamour world takes so much to tighten one’s position and stardom. What’s your take in this?


A: I feel if you’re lucky and desperate enough to get something, you’ll get it for sure. We should give best for our work to make it fruitful. Work hard! Don’t get depressed. If it’s written in your fate, it’ll definitely happen. Nothing can stop you from that.


  • Do you visit Kolkata?


A: Yes. My family resides there. Whenever I get a chance, I go to Kolkata to spend some quality time with my family.


  • If given a chance, would you like to work in the Bengali industry?


A: Absolutely. I’m a Bengali and would love to.


  • What’s up next?


A: My new project will start from December.


  • Few words for your fans.


A: আমি সবাইকে এটা বলতে চাই যে আমার ফিল্ম “Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi” 15th September রিলিজ হচ্ছে।

প্লিজ সবাই থিয়েটারে যাও আর ফিল্মটা দেখো।

আমাকে তোমরা Facebook, Twitter এবং Instagram-এ জানাও যে তোমাদের ফিল্মটা কেমন লাগলো!

আর ফিল্মের পোস্টারের সাথে নিজের সেলফি তুলে আমাকে নিশ্চয় পাঠাবে। আমি খুব খুশি হবো।

আর আমি যখন কলকাতা যাবো, আমি চেষ্টা করবো তোমাদের সবার সাথে দেখা করার।


  • Would you like to say something to LaughaLaughi?


A: LaughaLaughi is making me really happy. Lovely talking to you. I’m looking forward to meet your team once I go to Kolkata. Thank You!


Journalist-Sreetama Thakur.

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