So the day of the house started, Dipika and Neha were seen talking about Sree. According to them, Sree doesn’t understand who are his friends and who are his enemies. Everyone is trying to provoke Sree and he’s getting provoked and keeps on shouting.

Deepak called Dipika ‘Doghli.’ Cause during a task Dipika said something bad to Sree and then right after the moment she was showing her concern about Sree. And then Dipika said to Sree that she thinks KV and Sree are very close to her so she won’t say anything wrong about them, which isn’t true eventually.

Deepak made a song at the table and sang it.

Romil and Survi got a wild card entry. Everybody in the house were shocked. After that, Nehha and Dipika were discussing  Survi. They think because of Survi the peace in the house will get affected. Survi went to shake hands with Dipika and Nehha where Nehha said her mom used to watch roadies and she thinks that she has a strong personality. Survi went to the ‘Jodidars’ and she told that some of the ‘Jodidars’ were shocked after seeing her, specially Karan Veer.

Shiv said the way Survi walks and talks are really different from others. And Jasleen made a typical comment about Survi that her body language is kind of masculine.

Dipika, Nehha and Sree were seen discussing on that comment about Sree. Sree wanted to know who said that about him.

Nehha got to know that Sree is really upset about that comment so she says sorry to him. Then BB house task started. As Nehha was captain and Survi and Romil just entered the house so they were safe from the nominations and they didn’t participate in the task.

Then the task started. One of the Jodi dars will seat and one member of the singles will play the role of a kidnapper. He will have a phone. The kidnapper will kidnap someone from the jodis and the other one of the jodis had to compromise some of her/his favorite things to safe their partner.

Anup ji got kidnapped by Dipika. Jasleen had to destroy her clothes, make up and chop her hair really short. Jasleen called Dipika and tried to make her understand. Dipika didn’t change her mind. Dipika said that Jasleen should keep only her inner garments and destroy the rest. Romil took a stand for Jasleen and said ‘ Dipika ji aap khud ek ladki ho, thoda samjhiye.’ Anup ji was disappointed with Jasleen’s performance but Nehha told him to keep quite as she had cried a lot.

At night all the Jodi dars were discussing about Dipika. Dipika always talks about humanity but today her behaviour was kind of strange for the house members. Survi acted like Dipika and said, ‘ Main kisi ki bahu hun, beti hun….’ Somehow today’s episode ended with a lot of controversies regarding Dipika.

  – Trisha Saha

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