Written update of Bigg Boss, EPISODE 51-DAY 50

Romil & Somi talk about Deepak’s feelings for her while Deepak sings a song for Somi. Meanwhile, Deepak, Somi &Surbhi get into an argument. While washing dishes, Jasleen & Shiv get into an argument. Later on, they chit-chat with each other regarding their problems. Shiv feels very lonely & disturbed. He wants a psychiatrist else he’ll leave the house. Bigg Boss doesn’t respond so, he attempts to escape from thehouse. Housemates try to stop him. Sree sits to explain Shiv. Deepak taunts Shiv & he gets more hyper. Shiv is determined to quit the show. He is irritated with all the complaints against him. Dipika, Megha, Srishty & Rohit talk about Deepak as he told that Shiv is just doing drama to seek attention. On the other hand, he says the same to Surbhi. Shiv becomes the talk of the house. Surbhi, Somi & Deepak make fun of Jasleen. While having lunch, Jasleen gets into an argument with Surbhi so, she discusses with few members of Wolf Pack that she’s irritated with Surbhi’s words. The nomination task begins. Sree is given a special power to nominate 7 members so, he nominates Somi, Rohit, Jasleen, KV, Deepak, Surbhi & Romil. A task is given to save 3 contestants from nomination. Scarecrows of the nominated people are put up in the garden area. Housemates can break the scarecrows of those people whom they don’t want to save. Happy Club members are very angry with Sree’s decision & they regret their decision of supporting him.  The nominated members convince others to save them. Srishty breaks Romil’s scarecrow. Sree plans to nominate members of the Happy Club so that, one of them gets evicted. Megha & Shiv break Deepak & Somi’s scarecrows, respectively. Happy Club members are shouting while Wolf Pack members making fun of them.

– Sreetama Thakur.                         

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