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Written update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 36-DAY 35

Dipika talks about Sree with KV. She’s upset with his behavior & attitude. Surbhi sorts her problem with Romil. KV is sent to the special room. He gets emotional by watching the AV of his wife & kids.

Salman introduces Ms. Bhuvaneswari (Sree’s wife), Mr. Manish (Srishty’s fiancé) & Mr. Sohaib (Dipika’s husband) as special guests for tonight. He also calls Mr. Dibang for the “Adalati Session”. A game will be played where allegations will be put against Sree, Srishty & Dipika & their acquaintances will have to defend their partners. An argument sparks between Dipika & Srishty’s partners.

Sohaib supports Dipika in a very logical way. He says that Dipika’s reason for naming Sree in eviction is completely fair in the game. Sree’s wife is upset with Dipika’s decision. She argues & states her point in-front of Sohaib. Dibang didn’t have much allegations against Srishty.

Bhuvaneswari says, “Sree isn’t playing the game, he is living the game.” Bhai calls Romil & Sree in “Sultani Akhada”. Dipika feels embarrassed with Romil changing his lowers. She confronts him so, Romil apologizes instantly. Romil wins the game of  “Sultani Akhada”. Salman shows an AV of his pet who passed away recently.

He announces that Saba, Jasleen & Urvashi are safe in this week. Saurabh is eliminated. Sree confronts Dipika for taking Jasleen’s name to send in “Torture Room”, she walks away. Romil returns the bracelet to Sree.

– Sreetama Thakur

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