Roshe’s beauty lies mainly on the cloth material and the embroidery. And those stiches and those hard works looked fabulous on the indigo based ‘Nisarga’. Blue, the colour of every season mingled gorgeously with white.

Owner Roshan Chowdhury had a tough and tight period of time creating these gorgeous yet subtle, sophisticated dresses. Carrying the integrity of a 5 year old label, ‘Nisarga’ was able to draw utmost attention of all the fashion bloggers. Each and every piece needed more than a month of hard work.

Themed after indigo and indigo plantations, the tortures of the Britishers on the poor people of India, the collection thus based on this particular shade of blue. The inspiration was all about the ancient indigo cultivation which had a lot of negative effects on the citizens of the then colonized India.
The designer yet experimented the color on different bases, along with the obvious blue. But the embroidery in white on the front and the back of each piece of dress is a winner.
Through involving the poor people of the villages of remote areas, Roshe tried helping those lot as far as possible. The skill of the traditional workers and their stitchery justified the tagline of Roshe’s which says ‘handmade’ and ‘heartfelt’ clothing.
Along with western dresses, there are kurtas, jackets, skirts, pants, dhotis and many such items, for all the genders. The talents of stitchery and the ‘never-out-of-fashion’ indigo created Nisarga to be felt, and not only to be worn. Those garments speaks for themselves- the pastel hues, gradation, checks, different designs, cuts, different stiches, all make up Nisarga.
The garments are to be ordered before, and the delivery takes time, because, the embroideris are handmade and they require precision in their workings.
On 7th August, 2017, an evening filled with fun games, cute presents, delicious food, and, a handful of gorgeous and popular fashionistas-fashion bloggers, finaly revealed the much awaited collection of the Roshe’s. The pretty ladies tried on the dresses while the handsome fashion connoisseurs tried on the jackets and kurtas. Fashion bloggers like Sristi Nadhani, Pentwister(Nikita Agarwal), Karuna Ezara Parikh, The Boho Balika, Ridzeepop(Riddhima Khanna), thebongmunda(Pushpak Sen), thestylechefs(Lisha Jain), misterghosh(Bodhisatya), Debasri Deb, envelopetheworld(Namrata Ganguly) etc joined the evening to add to the shine of the collection. The ethereal dresses in subtle blue and white, with an exploration of kantha stich work were tried by both men and women. The curator of the event, ritumaintytniamutir(Ritumainty) looked gorgeous trying out the outfits along with the other bloggers.

Along with a tasty treat of evening snacks, the photo session went on for a pretty long time. The games were no less fun than the silly fighting over the prizes. The evening spent with the designer, owner Roshan Chowdhury; the curator, Ritumainty and the guests bloggers, was as beautiful as the collection ‘Nisarga’.

Rishaki Chakraborty (journalist)
Amaborish patra (photo journalist)
Soumi Sen (journalist)

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