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I got a story to tell

The Moments

Yesterday you were at the same table which had our favourite seats once. But I wasn’t the one sitting in front of you, having your favourite kungpao chicken. I as usual went there on every Sundays , expecting you every time. Yesterday I had just stepped into the restaurant and i was astonished to see you there. The thought of you missing me in my mind , wasn’t too long. The mirror of my expectation was again shattered into pieces. I fumbled to take a seat , though you couldn’t see me, still I wanted to see you throughout. You were smiling flawlessly as you did with me, that innocent smile.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. Do you remember, you always used to say me why I remained silent most of the time! And I always told you the truth, it’s a pure bliss to watch you, your gestures, that cute nose of yours poking into food. Yesterday wasn’t an exception too. Throughout I tried to observe your new girlfriend, but I badly failed at it.

You casted the same magic on me. Like every time you surprised me with your orders, you did the same to impress her! I couldn’t understand whether I should be happy or not. You know when did you last surprise me so much? The day you told me that you were going to leave me and you walked out.

I didn’t sleep last night, i wish i could tell you. I guess nothing has been changed, the dishes were the same, the place was same, even the table was! Why am I not there with you anymore? Probably, it was again your surprise, you were just making me feel loved when you were never loving me. Once I loved your unpredictable nature, it back stabbed me.

I ordered your favourite Espresso which I always hated, was there any chance left to repay your gift? I gulped the bitter black liquid at a sip and left the place.

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