A letter from a Daughter

Dear Dad,

You may think, why your daughter is suddenly writing to you. Actually Maa said, that you want to live with us after retirement. Well truly speaking, I am shocked! I never expected that after so many years, we’ll be remembered.

Did you ever wanted to know that what I have gone through those years when you were not with me. Please don’t say YES! I never received your phone call! No. Not even once!

Every time in the school’s cultural program, everybody’s father used to go. Did you ever want to know that how did I felt because my father was not there? Again the answer is big NO!

I didn’t lose hope! not a bit! When I needed you the most, I went to you and asked for help but I returned empty-handed. You betrayed me EVERY single time!!

But you know what dad?? THANK YOU!

THANK YOU for leaving me.

THANK YOU for showing me the true world!

THANK YOU for making me what I am!

And SORRY, but we don’t you now. We are happy with our own lives and we have learned to live without you.

A daughter.

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