1. When did you start playing flute?

K : I started playing the recorder when I was 4 years old, then switched to flute when was 10. I have played ever since. Later on I went to the conservatoire and then academy of music in Vienna, graduated there and also had a postgraduate scholarship in Germany for 2 years.

2. Who was your inspiration in this field?

K: I play different flutes now like Flute, piccolo, Alto Flute, Irish tin-whistle, Indian Bamboo flute, Native American Flute etc. I had nobody from outside to inspire me, I had no role model, I felt it inside that this is what I wanted to do.

3. We all know that normal flute is related to peace. On the other hand “Fife” which is another kind of flute.. relates to war. Do you feel that every instrument has its own good and bad impression?

K: I don’t think anything is related to war unless WE relate it. Music comes from God and if we let the inner music play it is related to LOVE only. We can put things into categories with our minds, but music (if truly played from the heart) is always the direct line to other hearts and is an expression of love. I can express different EMOTIONS with an instrument, yes, like joy, sadness, yearning, peace, energy, anger, which seem “negative”, but in fact no emotion is negative, it is just an emotion and once it is expressed in music it is always beautiful.

4. We have seen you playing titanic theme song with two different flutes. Can you please explain us how the two flutes work together?

K: It is just the Irish Tin-whistle at the beginning and then the normal wooden concert flute, that I use in the orchestra. The Irish tin-whistle comes from Irish Folk Music and is used in Ireland as a traditional instrument. The regular flute is a classical instrument used in the orchestra. Just in this piece they are used together.

5. You told us about your graduation in Vienna music academy. Could you please tell us about the first day of Vienna music academy and how was the ambiance?

K: It is in the center of Vienna, in an old historic building.

Vienna Music Academy

6. You might had the stage fright like others? How did you overcome it?

K: I had it at the beginning. It is a normal feeling everyone has to learn to overcome. It is a mental exercise to direct the emotions from fear and panic to quiet and peace and joy. Everyone can do it in every situation. When one is fearful, start to breathe and concentrate on the breathing and focus your thoughts from fear and panic to a still lake or a relaxed feeling on the beach and stay with this mental image and the feeling coming from it. First comes the thought (I am not good enough, I am afraid, maybe I cant play it, I make a mistake, etc) that follows the feeling (fear, panic, stress) that influences the body and the reactions. So all starts with the thought. Change the thought and all is well.

7. Tell us about your first stage show.

K: The first stage show is never very public. One has to start small to learn. It is not like this that one starts playing and then immediately plays on TV for millions of people. No. It starts small, like everything. A flower is a seed first, then grows and grows. At the beginning one plays in the music school for 10 people, then in academy for 40 people, then a public concert and one keeps learning and playing. But in the end it really doesn’t matter for how many people one plays. I play the same for 40 people and for 5000. There is no difference for me. I actually can’t remember because I have been performing so young, when I was 4 years old. But at the beginning it is an issue to deal with stage fright. Suddenly there is a panic that what one has practiced isn’t working anymore in front of many people listening. It is important to learn at an early age, to be calm and trust that it will be fine and not panic and be afraid. Like this it is a joy to be on stage and not feel fear.

8. Tell us something about your first album.

K: I started hearing music inside, it sounds beautiful, like music from the spheres, invisible music, that is there all the time. All I had to do was listen and write it down. So for me the music on my 4 self composed albums is very special and people love it. All my CDs are on Amazon and I-Tunes for download.

9. Apart from being a music composer and player, you have taught students in many institutions as a tutor and guest tutor. Tell us something about the experience.

K: When I teach, I take each person fully as they are and see where they stand and help them to their next step. I don’t put pressure on anyone, compare them or force them, I don’t work with competition, but I help them relax and express who they are in music. If they are relaxed and not afraid they can learn much better and easier and success is much quicker with love and inspiration and enthusiasm than with force, pressure and competition.


10. We all have seen the Karin Leitner who is the musical princess on stage. How is she in front of her acquaintances?

K: Well, when I am on stage I have a different aura, I need to expand to reach people. I am friendly and relaxed and loving when I am with people. I am happy to talk to you at the end so you can hear my voice.

11. If given a chance to change the world and end all the problems, what do you want to do about it?

K: One CAN NOT change the world. One can only change ONESELF. If everybody started with changing oneself, the world would be changed. Every person you meet today, be loving, patient and friendly with this person, smile and they will feel good and give it to the next person. Every situation you encounter today, try to master it as lovingly as you can and that will be all you need to do. It is in fact very easy. You will start radiating love and peace in your little world and surroundings with the people you meet, you will change, they will change, there will be more peace and love around you immediately! I support charities of course, I give freely money wise, time wise and heart wise, when it feels right for me. But most of all, I try to be loving because that is what most impacts the world and the people. The world needs LOVE and we are the ones who give it.

12. Any message for your fans?

K: I am happy you like my music, I am happy to touch your hearts with every note I play, because I want your heart to OPEN, like a rosebud for yourself, for the people who are around you and for the world. Because in fact we are all so powerful! We are able to change the world by changing ourselves and BE LOVE. So try every day to BE LOVE and if my music helps you with that, I am happy.

13. Any message for LaughaLaughi?

K: Many thanks for taking the time to ask and hear my message behind the music, which will also change the world, because people will think and try to be LOVE in their everyday lives hopefully 🙂 That is my wish, so thank you!

Interviewer : Prithashree Mitra
Image Source : Karin Leitner
Website : www.karinleitner.com
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