A talk with Li’l Champ Sanchita Bhattacharya

  1. You bagged up the title of ‘Saregamapa li’l champ’ in 2006 Sanchita and also became the first female winner of Saregamapa with public voting. How this journey of yours towards Saregamapa started? Why u took part in the competition?

Ans:- I belong from a musical family. From age 3, I have been participating in various singing competitions and winning them. So, when this opportunity came I grabbed it with both hands as it would be a great stage for my journey towards becoming a playback singer.

  1. A 14 years old girl from Bengal getting crowned by Shah Rukh Khan – this is a moment of pride for all of us. Do you still cherish that winning moment?

Ans:- Yes, indeed! I was like a dream. Wish I could relive it once more.

  1. Before Saregamapa happened to you, have you always wanted to become a singer?

Ans:- In childhood, I had no idea about what I wanted to become, but yes after a certain age, I became clear that I want to be a singer. As I started winning competitions in Bengal frequently, my parents advised me to take singing seriously and I finally focused on the goal.

  1. Tell us about your first stage performance.

Ans:- I have never experienced stage fear, not even on my first performance. What I worry about is how audience and judges would react, that’s all. During singing, I get into a different zone where I don’t allow any thoughts, be it fear, sorrow, happiness, nothing!

  1. We have seen you as a playback singer in films like Kaanchi, Masoom and others but why don’t you come up with your own music albums?

Ans:- oh yes, I have! here it goes –

Megh sharalam

More gaane rabindra Sangeet collection

Krishnarupa bhajan album 


There are more on the way for 2019.

  1. How’s your experience of working with famous singers like Shankar Mahadevan, Sukhwinder Singh, Neeti Mohan?

Ans:- It was a great experience working with them as they are legends .

  1. What are you working with at present? What are your upcoming plans?

Ans:- In 2019, I have few cover of video songs coming up.

I am working with Siddharth bangla, a YouTube channel and I’ll be launching over a dozen fresh Bengali songs in 2019.

The songs have been made brilliantly and have been a pleasure working with such a dedicated and talented team of Siddhartha bangla.

  1. Besides singing, have you ever thought of acting?

Ans:- No! Never thought about it.

  1. As a kid, you were a naughty one or an obedient one? Any childhood memory that you want to share?

Ans:- I was neither naughty nor too obedient. Actually, I was a mix of both .

Okay here is one.. I never ever like waking up in the morning, not even now after marriage! (laughs)

My dad used to wake me up, get me ready, make me brush and all this while my eyes would remain closed as I would head towards the school.

I miss those memories a lot, the childhood ambience, sounds, smell etc.. It’s special for everyone and for me too.

  1. By balancing married life and professional life, how you spend your ‘me-time’ ? What’s your hobby?

Ans:- Look, you need to find time for yourself no matter how busy you are. Life is also about yourself. So, I somehow find sometime for myself. Either I listen to songs, watch movies, play some mobile games or do reyaz.

  1. Do you have any celebrity crush?

Ans:- One and only, Salman Khan.

  1. When you are upset, songs of which singer acts as your mood refreshment?

Ans:- Actually when I am upset, I don’t listen to songs. I watch funny videos of animals to lighten up my mood.

  1. Did you swear by any new year resolution?

Ans:- Yes, try to loose some weight. (laughs)

  1. Lastly, any song that you want to dedicate to our viewers and readers?

Ans:- The song from “Tamasha”.

Agar tum saath ho-sung brilliantly by Alka Yagnik madam.

As without audience and listeners’ blessings we are nothing so, unka saath zaroori hai hamesha.

by Payal Roy.

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