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Depression: Busting The Common Myths

Depression is probably, the talk of the town nowadays. Broadly speaking, people are becoming aware about mental health now. With certain shocking news in the recent past, mental health and its awareness is the need of the hour. While describing depression, it can be classified as a mood disorder. It includes the feelings of sadness, loss or anger that interfere with person’s daily activities.


With the illness, comes the rumored myths. And am going to address them here. The biggest myth is that only older adults can have depression. This is completely wrong. Depression doesn’t discriminate on the basis of age, sex, creed etc. It can be caused due to family history, childhood trauma, different brain structures, certain medical conditions or even drugs.

The second biggest myth is that if one has everything in life, then he/she cannot have depression. This is again incorrect. Materialistic approach towards the potential cause of depression is erroneous. You can own a gigantic mansion, ride a fancy car or eat at Michelin star restaurants. Still, you can be depressed. The third myth, rather mistake, one makes is by avoiding your stress, anxiety or extreme mood swings. It’s true that feeling down at times is a normal part of life. Sad and upsetting events happen to all. But if you are feeling down at a regular basis, then you might be dealing with depression.


How to try to overcome Depression?

While going through health articles and personal experiences of others, I got to know that your symptoms can extend beyond your mind. Moreover, the cause of depression can never be diagnosed exactly. I cannot be of help to people who are already suffering from clinical depression. But the ones who feel low or tend to “depression” can do these to overcome it.

  1. Find personal meaning by serving a greater or larger cause.
  2. Set some manageable and realistic goals. Work upon them.
  3. Most importantly, eat and sleep properly and adequately.
  4. Connect with people who value you. Share your thoughts with them.
  5. CARE for yourself, think about yourself and STOP JUDGING yourself.

These are the craziest times. The world is suffering and trying to heal. But that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t value themselves. Mental well-being is a serious issue and people should be aware. Seek out to more such people and let them rise from their dark proximity. Let us all stand for all and make heal our inner selves. We shall overcome!!!

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