Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar (Bigg Boss) started with Varun’s entry on stage for the promotion of SUI DHAGA-MADE IN INDIA.

Salman & Varun played a game where they enacted dialogues & songs from various super hit films. Varun gave Salman the Sui-Dhaga Challenge where our Bhaijaan stitched his initials on a scarf.

Inside the house, Varun announced “Made In India” task for the nominated contestants, where they had to make cushions out of the materials provided. The contestants were divided in two groups: Singles included Dipika, Sreesanth, Nehha & Srishty while Jodis included Shivashish, Jasleen, Somi & Deepak.

The jodis won the task and Anup Jalota facilitated them with the winning trophy. After losing, Sreesanth accepted that he was the worst player during the task and he went to the Tope challenge.

Salman announced about “Sultani Akhada”. Saba-Somi, Dipika-Srishty entered & the Singles won the medals & also a special power not to do any household works till the election of the next captain.

Salman apologized to Anup on behalf of all contestants for misunderstanding him & sending him to the “Torture Room”. He clarified that Anup didn’t get manipulated by KV’s request to choose Dipika in the captaincy task.

None of the nominated contestants was evicted as it was cancelled for this week.

Singles & Jodis were plotting their strategies in groups for the game.

Urvashi became emotional & claimed that cheating & duplicity aren’t her cup of tea. She had a verbal fight with Somi. Dipika danced in joy.

– Sreetama Thakur

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