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Written Update of Bigg Boss 12, Episode 7-Day 6

The Weekend ka Vaar starts with a bang-on performance of Salman Khan, which he himself has composed for Bigg Boss 12.

The controversial turnovers of the house are lightened by his presence. He says “Anup Jalota and Jasleen’’ share a very special relationship and they owe enough respect for making this a memorable season.

Amidst all this, Salman Khan spices up the episode by revealing the fake prank played with the participants along with Journalist Dibang.

He says that Srishty Rode, actually didn’t say anything about Anup-Jasleen relationship, whereas Srishty was confused about what was going on and discusses all this with Sreesanth.

Salman asks Anup Jalota that whether he’s enjoying the show? Replying to him, Anup sings a heart warming ‘Bhaijan’ for the audience and public.

According to the contestants, Saba Khan is voted as the most worst contestants of the house, Anup Jalota intervenes saying, “It’s Dipika Kakkar.”

Saba Khan defends herself saying, “She can’t act diplomatic like other contestants.”

Sreesanth feeds on the anger of Salman Khan, for questioning Saba’s upbringing.

The participants realize that they failed on the very first task of the show and Sreesanth was blamed for calling off the task.

Dipika and Srishty are marked safe for the week’s eviction whereas Sreesanth broke down and says he wants to quit the show.

Funny BB band dedicates “Kahin pe nigaahein, kahin pe nishana” song to Romil.

First Appy Fizz caller questions Jodis of the house and Karanvir Vohra for his influence in the house.

Anup Jalota is marked as the ‘Gunehgaar’ of the house and is made to drink karela and egg juice.

The show ends with the sweet presence of Varun Dhawan, the participants danced on “Sab Badhiyan Hai” from the movie ‘Sui-Dhaga’.

The participants rejoices by singing and dancing on ‘Saturday-Saturday’. Varun also adds that BB12 contestants are winning hearts outside the house.

– Subhasree Dutta

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