The episode starts with Khan sisters shouting that Urvashi played a dirty game to save herself from nominations.

Saba scolds Somi for fighting verbally with Urvashi. Somi quarrels with her.

Deepak says that Jodis need to be united at the time of voting. Romil also explains the same fact to all the Jodis.

Roshmi falls into the pool while joking with Kriti, Shiva & Somi. Kriti pushes Shiva to the pool without thinking of the mic so, she becomes emotional for her mistake. At 4 o’ clock in the morning, Kriti & Shiv chit-chat in the garden area.

The morning starts with “Tip Tip Barsa Pani”. Deepak shaves off with the help of Sree & looks like a kiddo. Saba & Jasleen talk against Dipika’s bossy attitude.

Few videos (breaking House rules) of contestants are shown on the TV. Bigg Boss scolds the contestants for being so careless & says that it’s the task of the captains to be responsible. Bigg Boss takes away the captains’ power for being safe in the next nomination. Khan sisters argue with Kriti for her mistakes as pointed by Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss announces the nomination program. Singles will nominate 2 Jodis & vice-versa. The contestant will take a wax doll he/she wants to nominate, state the reason & drop that to the ‘kadai’. A hell is created in the garden area for this activity. Kriti & Roshmi can use the special power to save any one of the nominated contestants (Single/Jodis). They save Deepak-Urvashi.

• Jasleen-Anup nominate Dipika & Srishty.

• Srishty nominates Jasleen-Anup & Shivashis-Saurabh.

• Shivashis-Saurabh nominate Srishty & Nehha.

• Dipika nominates Roshmi-Kriti & Jasleen-Anup.

• Deepak-Urvashi nominate Dipika & Nehha.

• Nehha nominates Shivashis-Saurabh & Roshmi-Kriti.

• Saba-Somi nominate Dipika & Sreesanth.

• Sreesanth nominates Saba-Somi & Roshmi-Kriti.

• Nirmal-Romil nominate Nehha & Dipika.

• Karanvir nominates Saba-Somi & Roshmi-Kriti.

The final nominated contestants are: KV, Romil-Nirmal, Dipika & Kriti-Roshmi.

Roshmi accuses Kriti for playing the game in a wrong way.

Saba-Somi rebuke Kriti-Roshmi for not keeping their promise of saving them as per their deal in the first captaincy task.

All the contestants support Roshmi & feel bad for her as their Jodi is punished due to Kriti’s carelessness. – Sreetama Thakur

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