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Do we even think?

Do we think once about those who fight for our safety? This is a blog about those police officers who have no holidays on festivals, it is about those army men who continously struggle for us.

The biggest festival of Bengalis has just gone, Durga puja is the festival of colours, togetherness, bondings and of course first loves. But do we notice, or to be precise, do we care about that police officer who maintains the huge crowd so that we don’t have to face any unwanted situation.

I often think, standing in that crowd, what it really feels when you have to stay away from your family during Durga puja while everyone else is having fun with their family. They will probably get extra leave for this, but will it ever fulfilled that hunger or wish of staying with family during puja?

In this connection some thought has occurred to me just after seeing Meghna Gulzar’s RAAZI, where the struggle of an ordinary girl of becoming an agent, is beautifully portrayed,  sacrificing her married life. Somehow I feel bad for her, she sacrifices her whole life to the name of our country and nobody even recognises her until the film releases.

There are lots of this kind of unrecognised sacrifices which we don’t even know but their contributions are the proof of our safe existence in this country. Sehmat khan, she can easily choose her safe life with her husband ( because her husband is really supportive as shown in the film) but she chooses the hard way for herself of giving away her happiness for the entire life.

                There are thousands of sacrifices  in our borders everyday,  but we know hardly about them, sometimes we know and mostly we don’t. The feel of giving away everything for the sake of our country is something they feel proud of. Still parents do feel fear of sending their children to join Indian army. We all feel insecure and frighten when it comes to our own child. So do we think about those parents who send their child to the border to secure our child’s life, once? 

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