Today’s episode of Bigg Boss started with Deepak defending himself for hiding the roses. Kriti accused Romil of his idea to hide the roses by Deepak. Roshmi-Kriti conversed about their deal with Saba-Somi.

 Roshmi-Kriti distributed household tasks among the housemates. Somi, Saba & KV will clean the store-room. Saba wanted to be in the kitchen section but Kriti denied so, she told that she won’t take part in any household tasks.

Sree, KV, Nehha & Dipika discussed about Sree’s argument with two inmates in the last task. He became emotional & was consoled by Jasleen & other single contestants.

Deepak & Saurabh were discussing about Anup at late night.

Inmates woke up to “Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Bandh Ho.”

Romil advised Saurabh to change his tactics of playing the game.

Saba-Somi were spotted plotting their strategies against Kriti.

Saba & Kriti had a hot talk when Kriti asked Saba something from the kitchen section.

Bigg Boss announced that one jodi & one single contestant except Sree (due to his ill heath) will be selected by the members mutually for going to the “Kaal Kothri”.

Housemates decided Romil-Nirmal & KV for the punishment of  “Kaal Kothri”.

Bigg Boss gave a twist that the contestants selected for “Kaal Kothri” will be nominated directly in the next week.

A suitcase was given to them for taking to “Kaal Kothri” & nothing else would be allowed for carrying inside.

Dipika & Anup gossiped against Srishty for least involvement.

The inmates discussed about Saba-Somi, Deepak-Urvashi inside “Kaal Kothri”.

Jasleen, Saba & Anup spoke about Deepak’s behavior. Jasleen asked Deepak not to speak repeatedly that Anup wanted Dipika to become the captain.

Urvashi intervened between Saba & Jasleen’s conversation about Deepak.

Deepak asked a band from Sree as a token of their bonding & Sree tied it to him.

Urvashi explained Deepak about the inmates’ opinions for him.

Deepak conversed with Srishty about his wrong perception of Srishty. He told that after Sree, she’s the one close  to him. Srishty became emotional.

Nehha & Dipika spoke about Srishty for not doing the task timely & gossiping with Deepak instead.

Srishty again became emotional while talking with Urvashi.

Kriti stopped Somi to help anyone inside “Kaal Kothri” & declared that without the captains’ permission none can help any of the contestants present in the “Kaal Kothri”. Somi denied to follow her orders.

Somi came to Romil & discussed about Kriti’s behavior & the deal for which she & her sister agreed with other inmates for selecting Roshmi-Kriti as contenders in the captaincy task.

– Sreetama Thakur.

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