VlogIt, a perfect app for YouTube beginners.

Now in this growing age of digital technology, many people are opting YouTube for showcasing various talents. But for YouTube, we need to first shoot a video. But the most important is the editing of that video. Now for beginners., it is really tough to edit a video. So today, I am going to talk about the VlogIt app.

Now, there are several editing apps in the market, this app is one of them. But what makes this a superior than others is that it’s easy editing features.

Name: VlogIt.

Size: 59MB.

Availability: on Google play store.

Cost: Free.

An editing app must have an amazing music adding technology that will help to increase the quality of the video. VlogIt helps to create high definition video with few simple easy steps.

Now first you have to shoot a video. Then open the VlogIt app and select that video. There is an option of trimming so you can cut the unwanted part of your videos. Also it has an option called “Volume”, it helps to reduce the sound of surrounding.

VlogIt also has various filters for videos. Now you can set the light, contrast, color, temperature and vignette according to your preference. There is also an option of adding songs to the videos.

For me, the best editing app never leaves watermarks on videos. VlogIt never leaves any kind of watermark. It basically gives you an experience of original video editing apps.

Now if you are a YouTube or even a normal person, you may like to give titles in the beginning of the video and to the end. Now VlogIt app allow you can now add titles at the beginning till the end.

The best thing is you can export your video, directly to the phone with VlogIt app. Also it has a feature of creating thumbnail where you can add text, emojis everywhere.

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