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Cerebral Palsy, A Neurological Curse

Cerebral Palsy, A Neurological Curse

Cerebral Palsy is an overall term used for development disability that occurs due to neurological conditions that affects movement. Symptoms for thus disease vary among people. Some might have stiff muscles, weak muscles or tremors while some have poor vision, hearing and sensation. Cerebral Palsy is an umbrella term which can used to describe any neurological conditions that mostly happens in new born babies. During pregnancy if any problems occurs and damage the part of the brain which controls our intellectual behaviour may result in Cerebral Palsy. However, this can also happen during childbirth or after that.

Reasons behind it:

Cerebral Palsy usually occurs when the brain does not get enough oxygen or nutrients in the womb. Premature babies are also prone to these disorders.

Serious infection which effects brain also causes Cerebral Palsy. Sometime during pregnancy if the mother have some kind of serious infection that also affects the baby and cause Cerebral Palsy .

Only 3.8% of our population is affected by this disorder. The worldwide incidence of Cerebral Palsy is approximately 2 to 2.5 cases per 1000 live births. In India, it is estimated at around 3 cases per 1000 live births. As per last year’s statistical information there are 25 lakh children who suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

There is no cure for this disorder but with treatments and gastrostomy one’s health can improve. Sometime medicine and drugs are necessary for this disorder which reduces muscle tension and makes one calm.

Cerebral Palsy is an disorder while ALS is a disease. They both share same treatment and surgery but we cannot term them same. ALS happen to elderly people when they muscle stops developing. With age this disease come but Cerebral Palsy happens when One’s brain gets affected during pregnancy to 2nd year of birth.

Cooling high-risk full-term babies shortly after birth may reduce disability, but this may only be useful for some forms of the brain damage that causes Cerebral Palsy.

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