After all the physical violence, first mid week eviction, melodrama, and cat-fights finally Weekend ka Vaar came with Salman. This week Bigg Boss housmates crossed their all limits and Salman was ready to take their classes.

In house, Bigg Boss gave 7 titles, where mutually housemates had to decide and choose one single participant for each title. And as a Dhokebaaz they chose Deepak, Double Dholki was Shivashis, Shatir was Romil and Zero was Urvashi, Kapti was KV, Saba was Double Dholki and for Khalnayak they chose Surbhi Rana. But Bigg Boss also gave a task for secret room, where they were watching the whole task. If they thought the decision wasn’t right, they could change it. So, according to the final decision, Bewakoof was Neha, Double Dholki was Saurabh, Shatir was Dipika, Kapti was Romil and the rest remained same.

Through panasonic LED T.V. Salman came to the secret room and asked their current opinion about house. Where Sree was so shocked after watching Dipika’s behaviour. According to him, what she did in the captaincy task was totally wrong. She was manipulating KV in the house and he could forgive her for the behaviour towards him, but what he did with Srishty was totally unacceptable. Anup ji said, from the beginning he could find a leader’s quality in Dipika and now every single is pursuing it. Sree said, when he will enter the main house, he will make sure to open the real face of some housmates. Salman aslo said, he’s very happy to see Sreeshant like this.

When Salman entered to the main house through T.V. He was not in a mood for any raillery. He straight came to his questions. He asked to Dipika, why did she take Sreesanth’s name for eviction? Dipika said, first two weeks physically he wasn’t well and really wanted to go home; Salman interrupted and asked, why she was found explaining herself in every corner of the house? Dipika replied with her diplomatic skills. She said, through the camera she could pass her message to Sreesanth and his wife. Then Salman asked Surbhi, why she thought Sree couldn’t connect himself with audience for singles? Surbhi answered, whenever Sree tried to involve himself in task or house, KV and Dipika always averted him. Dipika totally disagreed and said from last 3 days Sreesanth was very normal and the way he participated in the last task was really commandable. Salman taunted Dipika and said, that’s why Dipika took Sree’s name for eviction, because in future he could be a good competition. Salman requested Deepak to sing his own composed song, which he wrote for his Sree Bhaiya.
The lyrics were very emotional and after listening the song Sree became emotional and eventually eyes got wet.

In the Luxury budget task, Deepak and Srishty both were the victim of physical violence. But KV was only concerned about his friend Srishty. He did not bother at all about Deepak and he exclaimed that with clear words. Salman accused him for his wrong behaviour and as a result he said ‘sorry’ to Deepak. Then came Shiv-Saurabh. Shiv was not at all sorry for his behaviour and Salman was surprised by Saurabh’s lie. Salman tried to convince Shiv for his mistakes, but he was in his own mood. After Salman left, Shiv and Deepak sorted out their problems and hugged each other.

Come to the captaincy task, Srishty and Saba had broken one of the principal rule of Bigg Boss house. But they both were ashamed for their behaviour. Salman cleared told that in this house there has no place for physical violence. If it repeats, then he will throw away the participants and whether Bigg Boss is against to it, Bigg Boss also can throw him. With his heavy words he said, he really doesn’t want to be a part of this kind of show.

For this week all the housmates chose Shivashis for torture room.

Among all these, the diva Kajol came to Bigg Boss and Salman finally returned to his normal mood.

– Priti

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