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Bigg Boss 12, Episode 5-Day 4

The Bigg Boss contestants woke up as ‘Badshaah’. Anup & Jasleen were seen like love-birds. Romil, Deepak & Nirmal were discussing about other contestants’ performances & nominations. Bigg Boss announced the task of gaining the 1st Captaincy of Bigg Boss 12.

He stated that due to three male contestants, the entire house lost the last task & appreciated the female contestants for their spectacular way of doing the task. He also announced that only the female contestants will take part in the task of achieving the 1st Fizz captaincy in the house. Dipika, Nehha & Srishty from singles & Kriti-Roshmi & Saba-Somi from ‘jodi’s will take part.

The single’s group of contestants will choose one contestant from amongst the three & same for the couples to compete for the captaincy task. The singles chose Dipika very easily without any argument while the couples chose Roshmi-Kriti after a lot of argument.

In the task, Anup played the role of a prince to whom the contestants competing for captaincy tried to impress & get roses while Jasleen was his adviser (secretary). At the end, the contestant having the highest no. of roses would win the task.  Kriti got the 1st rose but Roshmi didn’t get as she was late. Dipika came as a gracious princess & got a rose. Sreesanth & Shivashis had a fight over Sreesanth abusing Shivashis.

Roshmi also got a rose. Roshmi advised Shivashis to convince Jasleen as she’ll secretly advise Anup to choose the 1st captain. Roshmi got on the pool to impress Anup & received a rose. Anup & Jasleen spoke to each other & both wanted Dipika to become the captain.

So, Anup gave Jasleen the duty to collect the information of the exact no. of roses that the three had with them. Meanwhile, Roshmi-Kriti danced to impress & Anup sang “Baby Doll”. Srishty, KV, Sree & Nehha performed on behalf of Dipika to impress Anup. Deepak & Nirmal took all the roses from Dipika & locked themselves in the washroom. Dipika asked Srishty to destroy all the roses of Roshmi-Kriti. Few contestants argued that the act of Deepak & Nirmal was wrong.

At the end of the task, Dipika had one rose while Roshmi-Kriti had seven roses. Dipika became emotional & Kriti consoled her. Kriti-Roshmi became The First Fizz Captains of Bigg Boss 12, Bigg Boss congratulated them. Again, Romil & Sree had an argument for Sree abusing Romil. Sree clarified that he abused himself & he has got nothing to do if anyone takes it personally. Deepak & Shiv gossiped against Romil. Saba accused Deepak for interrupting in everyone’s conversation.

– Sreetama Thakur

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