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Written Episode of Bigg Boss 12, Episode 14-Day 13

Finally, “The Weekend Ka Vaar” came with India’s no.1 host, Salman Khan in Bigg Boss Season 12. This weekend Salman started the episode with a different mood. He dedicated “Aaj jane ki zid na karo” to Sreeshant because of his behaviour in the house & aslo “Hothon se chulo tum” for Anup-Jasleen’s cute bond. After all this sweet interactions, he gave a blaster news. This week will be double elimination. Any two jodi or single or jodi-single will leave the house.

Ayushman Khurana entered the Bigg Boss house to promote his upcoming movie ‘Andhadhun’. He gave a task to all the housmates, that according to them who was the most ‘Andhadhun’ in the house. With the majority they chose Nirmal ji and Saurabh. Before leaving Ayushman gave them another task too, where they had to judge themselves in the basis of entertainment.

Salman entered the house through the TV screen and asked them about the rankings. Through a mutual decision, they chose 1. Deepak-Urvashi, 2. Saba-Somi, 3. Anup-Jasleen, 4. Karanvir, 5. Nirmal- Romel, 6. Sreeshant, & 7. Kriti-Roshmi. Salman got very disappointed with their decision. According to Salman the problem was, they didn’t take any stand. Because, if they opened their mouth, they were going against the majority. But they didn’t know, if one wants to stay there, one has to give hardest efforts to reach the audience’s hearts.

Salman introduced the ‘Kathgara’ task & called Anup-Jasleen as a first convict. The first allegation for Anup ji was, he didn’t take any stand. Anup ji defended himself by saying that he can’t take any stand without his own eyewitness. And Salman totally agreed with the fact. In between this conversation Salman taunted Deepak for his interference in every conversation.

Next allegation was for Deepak-Urvashi. Urvashi didn’t give her point of view, most of the times people found her lost, but suddenly she came up with unnecessary fight — Karanvir had these allegations for Urvashi. Urvashi said, because she is the younger girl in this house, people take her very lightly. For Deepak, housemates had many allegations. They said that he didn’t involve himself in the house works, he always found buttering people. After all these discussions when Salman had gone, Deepak broke into tears. Urvashi, Sree, KV, Neha carefully managed the situation.

When Karanvir came to the ‘Kathgara’, first allegation was, he always tried to manage a well balanced relationship with all the housmates and he totally agreed with that. Then Salman asked the housemates, who were the participants whom they would send to the torture room. Consensually all the housmates chose Romel, but this time Romel defended himself with some valid points.
In between these, Romel had a small argument with Sree. After he left Sree, Deepika, KV, Shib found discussing about Romel’s behaviour.
Ayushman & Tabbu had a glamorous entry in the stage. Ayushman & Salman beautifully sang a song for the viewers. They played a task, called BIGG BOX. In this task, Tabbu found a Jumsuit and she gave that; Ayushman had a chusni and he gifted that to Sree. Their film ‘Andhadhun’ is coming on 5th October. So they requested all to watch this film, and with this note they left the stage.

The breathless waiting came to the end. As this week there will be two eviction, but the house wasn’t aware about this. On this Saturday’s episode, the least voted contestants were Kriti & Roshmi. So, in the first elimination of BB12, Kriti-Roshmi got eliminated.

- Priti Saha
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