Amazing Psychology: Solves the mysterious secrets behind human behavior!

You happened to say out loud your goal for the previous month and then it did not happen to come true. Then you start cursing luck, people around and get into depression. This is a very common psychological condition we all face from time to time. Explore the human Psychology through this informative read! psychology-image

People often are seen to trick themselves by thinking that they really had a sound sleep before deadlines, and guess what; human brains can be tricked in this way.

Curious to know a few such other psychological facts we often don’t seem to understand well?

  • Your happiness can depend on people around you! Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

Sounds superstitious? Well, every superstition has a reason behind it. It has been noticed that if individuals are surrounded by happy and gay people, their spirits remain lifted as well! Statistically found that, if people are in the company of depressed and frustrated souls, people start finding reasons then to repent about.

Infectious laugh is a good medicine and the cheapest one too!

  • Ssshh! don’t announce your goals!

Funny, but true. It has been researched that people seem to lose their motivation if they announce their goals. Human psychology is seen to behave in a very weird way. It is said that, rather found out, while saying out a goal, the person is half satisfied with the fact that others heard the goal and are quite satisfied. careers-psychology

Thus, the work is half done and motivation is half lost. Instead, an individual prefers not to say aloud goals, rather make them come true and show the world. Next time you tell your friends about what you are planning to do, ensure that you do not lose any motivation!

  • Spend money on vacations and others! 6357651133984166691595125109_illus_2heads-media

You can call it the secret and shortcut to happiness! Spend the money you have saved from a long time on buying gifts for others or on vacations. Spending money on materials seems to fetch a temporary happiness, but for a long lasting one, only experience can bring. That experience can be a smile on faces of your loved ones or by watching the photos clicked on the short tour!

  • Why do you think your “favorite song” is your favorite?

Most of the just heartbroken ladies love to sway their bodies to lyrics of Taylor Swift. This is because of a simple reason; the songs carry emotions which these ladies can relate to in their life. Thus there is always a reason behind, a song being your favorite one!

Maybe now, instead of just fighting with the person you fight the most; perhaps it is time you spend time in understanding that person’s psychology. Who knows, maybe psychology is the key to the heart!

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