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Automatic Street Light

Here I have made a prototype of automatic street light. When Darkness will appear on it, LED will glow automatically & when light will appear on it, LED will off automatically. You can also make this by following some easy steps.

Step 1: Understanding circuit diagram


Here is the circuit diagram of automatic street light. This is a very easy diagram. Just follow it. You will also be able to make one.

NOTE: This is a standard circuit diagram. If you are following this diagram, you may need extra wires. I have followed same diagram but made different structure, as a result it didn’t take extra wires. So choose the structure wisely!

Step 2: Gathering Ingredients

PCB Board
LED, 9V Battery holder, Resistors, LDR, Transistor, 9V Battery


PCB Board



1×330 ohm resistor

1×220 k ohm resistor

1xBC548 transistor

9V Battery

9V Battery Holder

PCB Drill, Cutter, Scissor,, Soldering Iron, Both side sticking tape, White tape, Soldering paste


PCB Drill



Soldering Iron, Wire and Paste

Black or white tape

Both side sticking tape

Step 3: Finalising

Dig holes on the PCB Board by the PCB Drill. Then solder all the components according to the diagram by the soldering iron. Finally stick the wires & the battery with tape. Hurrah! You have made it! 😀

Caution: Be careful while working with the soldering iron!

The Prototype
The Prototype


My perspective is to make this prototype for saving energy. Usually Street Lights remain on till the morning, even till 10 a.m. also. It consumes a great amount of electricity. The technology will work as described above. When the Sun Will set, the lights will on and when the Sun will rise, the lights will off. By making the real mechanism of this prototype we can save a huge amount of electricity. Though it needs more Lab tests, more development as well as more perfection, it will be a revolutionary step towards the future technology!

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