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Here’s how I am managing my leads through Welance!

Technology and Automation is rapidly growing each day. Nowadays, robots are acting as surgeons, cars are becoming driverless, factories are working with less and less workers. People losing job and not able to feed their family. But, new businesses have emerged. The small and medium business owners are now able to earn more profit. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Before I started this company, I used to work as a technologist in a software company. So, my hunger for automation was from the beginning only. Yes that’s right! Because, it’s all about being perfect and completing the job within the specified time. It was around July or August this month, I was looking for a software who could handle lead generation and also CRM. I came across the site Welance from Google search. The first thing that attracted me was their tagline ‘Make More, Manage Less’ which was kind of a similar to how I think.

The registration process was simple and the best thing that I liked was no upfront cost. It’s like a Plug ‘n’ Play kind of a thing.

Frankly, I haven’t used all of the services that they are providing. But, I am writing a detailed description about the features that I am using for my company.

Activities & Payment Calendar

The dashboard is report oriented. It gives you a calendar view where you can get reminders about the payment that is due on a particular date or when the client is going to make the full payment etc.

The header menu points you to the services that they are providing.

You can create a project, mention the project deadlines, the money to be received / paid on a particular date and voila the rest is automated!

Project Creation

You will get an intimation automatically on the said dates on your dashboard, email, or even the mobile app. But, keep one thing in mind. You will not be able to create any project without completing your profile i.e., your business details.

I would suggest the new users to first create a customer database with the existing customers. It will help you create multiple projects with the same customers at the same time.

The other service which I am using is the lead generation tool. You can ask me that there are thousands of other companies and tools which are providing lead generation. Social Media platforms play an immense role in generating leads. But, why am I using Welance?

Skills in Microsite

The answer is simple. Can you create a microsite for lead generation on your social media page? Maybe, but not sure. Isn’t it? Well, Welance can!

You can attract new customers and clients by putting up a microsite with your case studies, skills and experience. Intriguing isn’t it?

Wait till I disclose the ultimate truth! I have been using this service without paying a single penny till date! 😀

Here’s what I find useful about Welance –

  1. A simple and easy-to-use interface.
  2. No upfront cost or monthly rentals.
  3. Attractive microsite for lead generation.
  4. Timely intimation about payments (the most important).
  5. Sales Tracking.

If you are looking forward to create an account on Welance and use the services they are offering, you can use my referral code SUR281 to get more benefits! 😀

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