Pika ,Pika ,Pikachuuuuuu!

Yup Pikachu is back and now you can find it in your own living room , garden and even bathroom. Not just Pikachu but many other favorite pokemons like jigglyypuff , evee , snorlax, charizard and many more. But how can that be possible , my friends yes it is.

What is Pokemon Go?

All this has been possible because of our smartphones and Nintendo which has released the app Pokemon Go , an augmented reality game. It has made possible for anyone to catch a pokemon and you can even see it in your smartphone roaming around the streets . That’s the AR feature ,basically it works by showing you a picture of your real surroundings as caught by the phone’s camera on your screen, then uses GPS to place virtual little monsters within that picture on your screen.

If you didn’t here about it before than definitely you don’t believe in socializing much . If you have seen your friends playing this game and are just wondering why your friend keeps making you walking past temple’s and mosque’s. Also taking the long cut just to hatch a egg and in spite of your disagreement he will not go home without hatching the egg than don’t worry folks I am here to help you all out.

What  has already pokemon go already done to our earth?

If you feel its a game for kids and heard about it on news channels as being called a fatwa and security hazard which has made you feel this game is a douche bag trust me its definitely not. Also those who don’t know about these incidents here’s something to remember:

  • A 19 year old girl named Shayla Wiggins found a dead body while playing the game.
  • Robbers are using the game to lure people into desolated areas.
  • On July 12 a man was stabbed while playing the game.
  • Two boys fell from a cliff and got injured while playing it.
  • Also the app has access to your google account which has raised many privacy concerns.
  • People whose house are pokestops literally go through hell.
  • An 18 year old boy was shot dead while playing the game.

These are few significant event’s related to the game but this all is nothing else but many news channels trying to cash into the pokemon craze to get viewership. I will post a article clarifying all these facts that are not being portrayed correctly.

What more is there?

Then there’s gyms where you can battle with other players and pokestops to get eggs , poekballs and alot more. Keep following me, my next post will be on , how to catch a pokemon without wasting those precious pokeballs!

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