18 things you must know before visiting Patna.
Few days ago I had visited Patna for some work. I had to spend literally one month there.
I have observed this city very closely. I have explored it as well. And here I am with 18 points that I felt is different from Kolkata.
It was fun to see the evident difference between these two cities. As a Calcutta Bong girl, it was difficult for me to adjust over there. But it was fun too.
1. The transport- As in Calcutta we have buses, in Patna there are less buses. You have to depend on prepaid autos or totos mostly.
2. Street foods are cheaper here but the healthy foods are really costly.
For example if you go for chicken momos it will cost you 20 rupees ( yeah! Don’t have a heart attack). But if you go for coconut, it costs about 60 rupees.
So yes health is costly here.
3. The hindi in Calcutta is a normal one. I mean the accent here.. you can understand it quite easily.
But in Patna the hindi is a mixture of Bhojpuri and it is difficult to understand it sometimes.
4. One thing that is really shocking is that, there is no eve teasing cases out there. If a girl is passing by there is no case of vulgar comments from those roadside “Romeos” as we see in Kolkata!
5. “AMUL DOODH PEETA HAI INDIA” this tagline I think is not applicable for Patna. Because Patna has no Amul products. It only has SUDHA DAIRY which is a government project of Patna.
6. Patna city is mostly vegetarian. Yes I know many of you will be shocked to read it but yes they are vegetarians.
They even don’t have chicken on sundays ( which is a regular custom on the food list of Calcutta people).
7. There is no religion chaos in Patna. Every religion has its own values and no other religion interferes in that.
Even Hindus do puja on everything, even for those RO water purifiers to AC machines (don’t laugh its true).
8. There is an overall academic circumstance in Patna. Like the main introductory question is “WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW IN TERMS OF YOUR EDUCATION?”.
You will see that there exists everywhere a zeal of study.
9. They have a lots of kids. Yes, Patna people do have lots of kids. Five children in a family is a common sight there.
One day there was a lady who asked me how many siblings did I have? I answered one. She was like “WHAT? ONLY ONE? … ONLY ONE?”
She was shocked.
10. They think Calcutta people specially Bongs are only about three things FISH, FISH AND FISH.
They think we only eat fish and nothing else. Since they consider themselves to be a complete vegetarian so the fact of fish didn’t go well with them.
I like fish but that is not the ultimate thing we consume always. But that’s the assumption made!
11. They have no windows in their rooms. Yes it sounds really unbelievable but its true.
Their windows are like our small ventilators.
12. They eat their dinners early. Like really early comparing the what we do. And also they wake up early. So its a good habit.
13. In Patna they marry off their girl child really early. I know it is a common practice here as well.
But still it is changing here. But in Patna its a common custom.
14. There is no pre or post election animosity in people.
In Calcutta we hear so many news about that. But in Patna there was none.
Even on the day of voting result there was no news of animosity.
15. Patna lacks the sense of brotherhood. In Calcutta we treat our guests like our own. But according to one of the newly settled citizen, Patna lacks the warmth.
The warmth we have here in Calcutta is a missing part in Patna. Money, education, job are the main events there.
16. Another interesting thing I have noticed is that in Patna, everyone is conscious about their skin.
Like they protect their skin from sun. They use scarfs to cover their faces and even the boys, as well!
In Calcutta if we use umbrella at 5pm everyone will consider us as some kind of alien. But in Patna you can use that until the sun is completely gone.
17. There is no metro! Yes you read it right. In this city there is no metro. They even don’t know what metro is.
Though there are the metro projects which are being started shortly.
18. They have minimized their consumption of poly bags. It is banned in their city. Though there are a few poly bags here and there.
But for the larger view they have stopped using poly bags.
So these were the 18 points according to me which you must know about Patna. At the end, these are my personal views. I don’t hate Patna, these are some facts which I have felt over there. I like the city but I love my Calcutta far far far more!

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