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Incredible India Life at Varanasi

Varanasi also known as Benaras is one of the sacred capital of India for Hindu Pilgrims. Located in the Northern Part of India, Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi attracts the attention of not only pilgrims but also tourists for its sacred water, ghats, temples, and spirituality. Pilgrims visit here to take a holy bath as there is a belief that taking holy bath in the Ganga makes people get rid of all sins. Pilgrims also visit to worship Lord Shiva after taking the dip into the holy water of the Ganga.

Varanasi is serene, spectacular. Some pilgrims come to cremate their loved ones. Tourists arrive here to experience the auspicious place. The “ Arti”  of the ghats of the Ganga, the sound of bells, the smells of flowers and incense sticks create a magical atmosphere in Varanasi. Walking alongside the ghats and alleyways and experiencing riding on the boats are unforgettable.

Other places tourists can visit:          

1)Manikarnika Ghat-

The main cremation ghat of Varanasi. Dead bodies are handled here by  “doms”, an outcaste community. The dead bodies are always deluged in the Ganga before cremation. Piles of wood are seen here which are used for cremation.

2)Dashashwamedh Ghat-

This is the main ghat of Varanasi. Every evening the Ganga  Arti ritual with Ganga Puja is staged here.

3) Raja Harishchandra Ghat-

It is another cremation ghat and is also the oldest ghat of Varanasi.

4)Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple-

It is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

5) Kashi Viswanath Temple-

The  Kashi Viswanath temple is the main temple in Varanasi. Also known as Golden Temple of Varanasi , the Kashi Viswanath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Pilgrims and tourists come here for the darshan of Jyotirlinga and worship Shivji.

6)Bharat Mata Temple-

This temple has huge map of undivided India along with a picture of Bharat Mata, blessing the undivided India.

7)Benaras Hindu University-

It is a centre of learning and is one of the top universities in India. Tourists can take any sort of vehicles and roam inside the campus . The inside of the campus has wide streets with the number of trees on both sides of the road providing a cool and peaceful ambience.


It is located near the confluence of the Ganga and the Varuna river. There is Dhamek Stupa, the Deer Park, Sarnath Museum, Sarnath Buddha tall statue to grab the attention of the tourists. Tourists can take any sort of vehicle to reach Sarnath. Tourists can see our national emblem- The Ashok Chakra, the Lion Capital of Ashoka at the Sarnath Archeological Museum. 

10) Ramnagar Fort-

Tourists can visit here and see antique armours, vintage cars, antique clocks, jewellery, furniture, varieties of old costumes.

Benaras is also famous for its Benarasi Sarees. Women all over the world have the fascination for Sarees. Benaras is one of those cities which is famous for the sarees, salwar, lehenga made up of Benarasi Silk textile. Tourists can buy Benarasi sarees, lehenga, salwar for auspicious occasions from Benaras.

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