It is said that “Marriages are created in heaven and celebrated on Earth” and this celebration deserves a good destination. After all, it is the beginning of the new journey of your life. Planning a wedding in your hometown is easy compared to organizing the same somewhere out but the latter adds a different dimension to the event. You hardly know anyone in the new place and have thousands of people to interact to make the event successful. Despite of all these challenges, destination wedding possess its own importance. It outweighs all the stress and anxiety that you undergo for organizing the same. You get to experience the mystique and romance of a new place while celebrating your wedding.

Here are 5 top locations for destination weddings.


Nothing can be more romantic and grand than an Italian destination wedding. Florence, Venice, Milan and Rome, there are numeorus choices this beautiful city has in store to add colors to your dream wedding. For many couples and families, Italy has been the ultimate gateway. Not just your wedding, you can also plan your honeymoon to any of the Italian city.


For couples willing to have a grand beach wedding with no fuss, Hawaii makes the best choice. Often regarded as the mecca for the couples, this tropical island gives you numeours reasons for celebration. Each year over thousands of couples come to Hawaii to fulfill their dream of having a traditional Hawaiin style wedding. It is the ease of commutation which makes this city one of the top wedding destinations arcoss the world.

The Bahamas

Another choice in the list of top locations for destination wedding, The Bahamas evokes the true essesnce of the Caribbean spirit in various ways. If you and all your guests are U.S citizens, you get a clean chit entry (but having valid passport is essential). For citizens from other countries, do check the entry credentials beforehand to keep problems at bay. Opting to have your wedding here, you get numerous choices with the location- right from those centuries old cathedrals to the fortressess or even at the popular city Harbor, Nassau. After the wedding rituals, you and your guests can also try out the seafood, play casinos and enjoy shopping here.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley is the best choice for those who are nurturing the dream of marriage in a vineyard. It is its close proximity to one of the biggest city- San Francisco along with its own unique sights – pastoral beauty of those countless vineyards that lure numerous couples to come here and tie the knot. Be it spring or winter, each season creates an atmosphere that makes your wedding unique. Even there are some wineries here letting you the opportunity of hosting on-site wedding. Apart from destination wedding, you can also have Napa valley in your list of top honeymoon destinations.

Lake Tahoe

Over the years, Lake Tahoe has been voted as one of the best spots around the world for destination wedding.  Biking, boating, camping, hiking, golfing, skiing and fishing are some of the reasons that make this city appealing to the couples. There are also numerous wedding resorts that promise taking care of all your needs to make your day worth rejoicing.

The best part of opting for destination wedding is you get to explore a new place with not only your partner but also your family and friends. But remember to select a location that perfectly suits you as well as your would-be.


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