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Masks And Reality

From breaking her hymen, to finally, breaking her heart, he beautifully managed to teach her, what the World actually looked like! How harsh it was, to view reality, emerging out of the glassy window panes she had maneuvered all these years and put on the detestable masks that she had always loathed!

Now, she was ready to face the world, like the ‘sharpest sword’!
She knew, just the right abuses for people who tried to pinch her in an overcrowded bus.

She knew. She could finally, get over the shy girl that she was once, to become the “daily passenger” of Life’s Vehicle.
She now knew, how to wear her decorated masks right.

Two years back, she had literally laughed at the idea of the “Art of Pretense”. How could someone pretend? And, besides, what for?

Today, she is a master in this art! Oh, how she herself decorated her masks with the perfect accuracy and so much care! It had taken hours! And? Yes, so much patience! Otherwise, how would she have survived the bruises that reality inflicted on her, all these while?

The deepest of these bruises was that, she could never believe in ‘Love Stories’, ever again. The ‘One’ who had made her believe in ‘LOVE’, for days after days, had finally given her a huge blow, that made her World dizzy for a while.

Her World had actually seemed Topsy turvey for a time being, until she decided to take control of her Life’s gear and turn it into a meaningful direction.

‘Away from the madding crowd’, that had done her injustice, everyday..
She would now take revenge on Life, by living it!
At the very end, ‘He’ was the one who had forced her to disbelieve in Love Stories, as well!

Oh! How cynic the World seems to be now!
Life revolves around Irony!
Mere Irony!
And then, comes the choice of using your desired masks to combat the World!!

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