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The summer break

Summer vacations would begin from the next day. The last bell was yet to go. Books were closed and the class had begun getting restless. Continuous chattering sound vibrated through the walls of the class. Boys got off their seats blabbering and throwing papers at each other. Girls chattered about what they have been doing in the vacations, and a few people played paper games in the back of their copies, it never mattered which copy it was!

”Hey there! be quiet. Bell is about to go. Make noise after then.”

The teacher shouted occasionally, assuring the class that the bell would go soon. The noise dropped down for a moment but was again swallowed up by the same vibration. The clock hanging above the black board attracted many eyes, busy with their own world fantasizing the horizon of holidays that lay after the bell. Five minutes more, and the restlessness kept increasing. The class appeared all messed up, as if summer break would never end. The dustbin standing in the corner beside the door overflowed and the floor had taken the responsibility to carry up the overflowing paper and plastic rappers.

The bell rang and the children rushed out of the class escaping to the horizon of hot brooding days of leisured hours of fun. No nagging stuff would be there then. No reason to open the book and ache your eyes searching for why Battle Of Plassey happened or why there is always the ‘x’ to dig out in mathematics!


All that would be there, is the warm sun shining overhead and the leisurely days for plays and making memories with the long lost friends! They would meet up in the vacation time. Such was “freedom” to those little hearts!

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