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SVF Music Releases Akarey Nei Bikarey Nei

Every musical genre has an own quality. Recently, “Akarey Nei Bikarey Nei,” the second music video produced by SVF’s new Indie Music programme, was released.

The music video, stars the rising star Niranjan Mondal aka Laughtersane, depicts the tale of a 21-year-old Akro Sen who is having trouble deciding which vocation to pursue. Like other young people, Arko is unsure of whether to pursue his own goals or those of his family, which would require him to work for a living. But how eventually the tables turned and he found the peace in passion is what the music video depicts.

Watch the track here –

Following the release of the audio and the fantastic reception it received across all audio outlets, the audience really wanted a music video for our most recent song, Akarey Nei Bikarey Nei. The response was enormous, and as a gift to the viewers SVF couldn’t help but release the video.

SVF Indie’s new talent Mainak Bhattacharyya sang the song beautifully while Pralay Sarkar wrote it. “Banglar Gaan Indies” with a new set of artistes and new kind of songs that the GenZ connects with. With SVF Music Indie, it’s an endeavour to experiment with new kind of songs & fresh music talents.

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