Vaseline is a staple in almost every household. It is a mixture of oil and waxes which form a jelly like substance. Discovered by Robert Augustus Cheesebrough in 1859, when he noticed that the oil workers used a gooey, jelly like substance to heal their wounds. Concealed inside the classic translucent container with blue cap, it has got a lot of uses. Also comes in an affordable price, allowing everyone to use it.

Petroleum jelly is made of a mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils that together lock moisture in skin, moisturizing it to repair and relieve dryness. Vaseline jelly, initially called the ‘wonder jelly’, is made from 100 percent triple purified petroleum jelly.

Let us go through the following points to discover what this wonder jelly can be used for:

Moisturizing: It is a concentrated jelly which keeps the skin soft and moisturized for a long time. Apply it after shower or at night on your body and face (apply on face only if you have very dry and no so sensitive skin). Also apply it on your heels and feet and wear socks to lock in the moisture, preventing cracked heels.

As a lip balm: Apply to chapped lips as you would any chapstick. Its very effective in cold and dry weather. Apply a small layer of vaseline to keep your lips moisturized.

As a makeup remover: Vaseline removes all kinds of makeup in a jiffy. Take a considerable amount onto your fingers and massage it on your face to break down all the makeup. Then take a cotton pad/ball and remove the residue. Go ahead with your normal skincare after that.

Heal minor cuts and burns: Petroleum jelly keeps the skin moist post any injury. It can be applied to any less dramatic wound. Clean and dry the area properly before apply it.

Prevent diaper rashes: Petroleum jelly provides a protective barrier that helps the skin from constant exposure to moisture. Clean and towel dry your baby’s skin before applying vaseline.

Preserve perfume smell: Apply a little vaseline on the pulse points of your body (below you palms, behind your ears, behind your knees etc.) and then spritz perfume on them. This will make the smell last longer.

Prevent split ends: Rub a small amount of vaseline between your hands and rub on the ends of your hair. This will help them from getting drier and splitting.


Dangers of petroleum jelly:

While vaseline has a lot of benefits and uses, it is strictly for external use. It should not be inhaled or eaten. It has some harmful effects as well.

1. Allergies: Some people might be allergic to petroleum-derived products. Be careful of any side effects before using any new product.

2. Infections: Not cleaning and drying cuts and wounds properly before applying vaseline leads to bacterial infections.

3. Clogged pores: Petroleum jelly might be too heavy for some people. It can clog your pores which might lead to breakouts, especially on the face.

4. Those who rub vaseline on dry, cracked nose might want to think again. It is recommended for external use only, which doesn’t include nostrils. If petroleum jelly moves to the lungs, it can cause lipid pneumonia.

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