Mental Breakdown Post Covid – What to do?

I guess this has been my long break to writing blogs since December last. While I managed to cope up with the post covid period in terms of physical health and fitness, I have been dragged down due to depression and mental health.

I know it sounds insane. But I have been remaining inside home most of the time since the last 4-5 months. I don’t want to meet people, I have cancelled meetings and have sent my PR managers to sit with the clients just because I think something has been lacking inside of me.

While the starting paragraph of this blog might sound a bit sad, I will try to share a few positive things or two which you can try and apply if you are dealing with problems just like I am.

Avoid Social Media – Social Media was supposed to be a medium to connect the people around the globe but recently it has been nothing but a hatred sharing platform. The tech companies are not even bothered to filter the contents and the people using these platforms. As a result you would find more people who are often trying to pull you down on the internet rather than pushing you towards success. Believe me, it affects your mental health. I am not investing much time on social media these days. It helps me in concentrating on work more rather than fighting with each other on the internet.

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Practice Yoga – I know this sounds boring and time consuming but believe me, all you need is 10 minute session. You don’t have to do any energy consuming exercises. I just sit on the floor, put music on the phone and close my eyes for 10 minutes. This works! I have never been so much patient in my entire life. Mental Health Treatment at it’s best!

Meditation. Image Source – Google

Eat Healthy Food – One of the good things that happened to me while I am working from home is that I am eating healthy food all the time. Previously I used to eat a lot of junk food because I didn’t have the time to cook while going to the office. You can refer to this site here. They have helped me a lot in experimenting with different recipes.

Game – Tap Market

Play Online Games – Man! This thing works the most. You can punch someone on the face without really hurting someone. Not only that, you can learn new things and also keep your patience level in check while playing at the same time. The major two websites that I would recommend is – and.

Game – Pizza Shop

Both the Tap Market and Pizza Shop games are available on the Mortgage calculator platform.

The other platform which I will recommend apart from this is – You can read my other blog here where I have mentioned the games that I like on their site.

Now you would ask me, why these two games? See, you might find Tap Market as an easy game, clicking here and there but if you start playing it, you would know that there is a strategy that you must follow. It helps in my business. Instead of wasting money on too many resources, I am now using smart techniques to meet client’s end.

Pizza Shop helps me in maintaining my patience as time limit gets shortened after a few minutes of playing.

Listen to Music – If you haven’t heard the gladiator theme by Hans Zimmer, you have missed a lot of things in life. If you want to listen to my podcast (you need to understand Bengali though), you can click here.

I hope you didn’t get bored reading my blog. If you like it, do leave a comment and you can send some suggestions on topics and things which you would like me to share etc.

Till then adeus!

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