From Being Fat to Fit! 10 Tips to Become Healthy!

From fat to fit. Before beginning here’s a little bit disclaimer. Guys I love all body shapes. These tips are for those who want to lose weight in a moderate way. These tips are not your crash diet. Its more about a healthy lifestyle by following which you can achieve a great body.

Now guys we all love slim trim babes. But that only happens in movie. In real life, we need some fat to look good. And we have the choice to be fat unlike celebs. So don’t ever follow celeb diet.

These tips will help you to lose weight but in a moderate way. This is not a crash diet. It is a healthy option.

1. Water. Yes yes. I know this tip has been already there. But it actually works in real life. Okay let me explain when you drink water, your extra fat tends to dissolve. So 2 or 3 liters are must in a day.

2. Divide your portions. Do not gulp everything you have at once. Divide it into small portions. Like in 5 small quarters. In this way your body will have something to digest which will accelerate your fat burning process.

Create an illusion by having food on a smaller plate. It will give you a fuller feeling. The bigger the plate, the more food you take in.

3. Eat slowly and mindfully. Give at least 20 minutes to chew your food. In this way your body will be prepared to digest those foods and not restoring them as fats.

4. Sleep at least after two hours of lunch and dinner. When you sleep just after having your food, your food remains undigested. And later it will restore itself as extra fat.

5. The lukewarm water. Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water. In this way you can boost your metabolism. After having dinner try to have another glass of lukewarm water so that it can digest your dinner fast.

6. Never ever have water while eating. When you drink water while eating. It makes those foods hard to digest. Have water at least after 1 hour of your meal.

7. Have foods every 3  hour. In 3 hour our foods get digested. And if we leave our stomach empty sometimes it can cause fat. So we need to eat every 3 hour.

8. Move your body. Try to have some exercise in the beginning of morning. It needs not to be essentially by going to gym. You can do some exercise at home as well.

9. Running and skipping or even walking a distance is a great activity for you. It will accelerate your weight loss programme.

10. And last but not the least, you must accept your body type. In this way, you will fall in love with yourself. If you love your body you will notice a remarkable change overall.

So this is guys. These tips will help you to achieve a great health.

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