Hello! Sir, Good morning, myself Prerna from team LaughaLaughi and I will be taking your interview.


  • Sir, how are you? How’s your life going?

Ambarish-  Good-good, very good.


  • Your very famous comedy TV show “Raja and Goja” in which your character was so funny. Is it similar to you in your real life or is it totally different?

Ambarish-  No, no, I am a very much serious person.


  • “Quite and Serious” person?

Ambarish – I am a composed person,  actually I don’t like joking or having fun so much. Whatever character I play am totally different from that.


  • On the other side, we have seen you playing a serious role in TV show “Mahanayak” so, are you similar to that character in your real life?

Ambarish – Yes, a bit you can say that. It’s very much similar to me.

  • So, what type of roles do  you like doing –  ‘Serious or funny’?

Ambarish – Any type of role because whatever I am doing is my character in it that I have to be but it’s not me. Getting any type of role is challenging for an actor.  Any type of role for me is challenging as well as interesting.


  • How do you prepare yourself for playing different types of characters?

Ambarish – I met many people when I used to do theatre in villages, cities and I try to match the characters with the people whom I meet. I try to search in them the character and then try to relate with it and then there is the director who helps a lot and also briefs about the character.


  • So, you worked with Bumba Da in Mahanayak. How you felt working with him?

Ambarish – It really feels great working with such an amazing person as well as a talented actor. I learnt many things from him. I have seen him since my childhood and he is even working now means he has seen all the generations of this industry. The way he respects the director, technician team and all other departments is really great.


  • You also sing other than acting. Is it natural or you learnt singing?

Ambarish – Yeah, I started learning singing because I used to do theatre and only that much.


  • Oh! For theatre, so it means that you always wanted to be an actor only?

Ambarish – Hmmmm, always wanted to be an actor.


  • Who  is your favourite singer?

Ambarish – Kishore Kumar.


  • Which song of his do you like?

Ambarish – Each and every song…(laughs)

  • Tell us about your journey of entering Tollywood?

Ambarish – I used to do theatre and then one producer saw me and he loved my acting and then gave me a chance and that’s how I came here.


  • We have seen you doing many commercials related to food. So, you love to eat?

Ambarish – Hmm… I love eating very much.


  • What is your favourite food?

Ambarish – Mine, see I love eating everything. It can be “Biriyani” or “Neem leaves” and if someone cooks with love then it is really special. (laughs)


  • Sweet or Spicy, which one?

Ambarish – I love both but the most I love is sweet.


  • Sir, we heard that you have been offered a role in a Bollywood movie related to Feluda whose director is Pradeep Sarkar. So, tell us about it. How you are feeling about it?

Ambarish – No, that isn’t final. I worked with him in a commercial but till now this is not confirmed that when he will make the film and even I am there or not is also not confirmed so let’s not talk about it now.


  • So, it’s just a rumor?

Ambarish – Yeah…


  • Would you like to tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Ambarish – Yeah, some movies are there. Birsa Dasgupta’s movie, Shiboprosad’s movie and many more.


  • All the very best for your upcoming projects.

Ambarish – Thank you so much.


  • So, it was amazing talking to you sir. Thank you so much for giving LaughaLaughi your precious time.

Ambarish – Pleasure & thank you for interviewing me.


  • Sir, would you like to say something about LaughaLaughi?

Ambarish– Yes, very nice platform and really lovable and I have seen many of my friends sharing the works of LaughaLaughi and I really love it.


  • Thank You so much sir.


: Prerna Pal Chowdhury.


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