Riya Sen is debuting in Bengali web series with Hoichoi’s latest ‘Mismatch 2’. After the grand success of ‘Mismatch’, Hoichoi is coming up with its season 2 starring Rajdeep Gupta, Riya Sen, Mainak Banerjee and Rachel White. Before it starts streaming on May, team LaughaLaughi caught Riya Sen for a chitchat.


  • Hi ma’am, ‘Mismatch 2’ is all set to hit the floor. How is it different from its season 1? Is the plot related to its first season?

Riya –No, ‘Mismatch 2’ has no connection with its first season.


  • Give a glimpse of the storyline to our audience.

Riya – All I would like to reveal about ‘Mismatch 2’ right now is that it’s a very engaging roller coaster ride. For the rest, you better be watching it. It’s about the naughty side of human relationships.

  • How’s your experience working with Rajdeep, Mainak and Rachel?

Riya – My experience on working on this project was fantastic because of Soumik da. I followed my director’s instructions and he made it very easy for me to work on this project and to get along with my co-actors, Mainak and Rajdeep.


  • In ‘Mismatch 2’, you are replacing Supurna Malakar. So, have you faced any challenges in building up a chemistry with the existing co-stars?

Riya – I’ve worked with a whole spectrum of actors throughout my career. Thus, I don’t find it very difficult to get along with my co-stars.


  • With whom are you pairing up in ‘Mismatch 2’, Rajdeep or Mainak?

Riya – As far as I’m concerned I’m pairing up with both…(laughs)

  • You are debuting in Bengali web series with ‘Mismatch 2’. How much difference is there between working in a film and in a web series? Is this more challenging?

Riya – I find web series more of a challenge because it’s shot over a more condensed timeframe, which means longer working hours everyday. I have to make sure my energy is constant throughout the day and additionally there are so many web series coming out that we need to put in a lot of efforts to make sure this really stands out.


  • Are you a web series buff? Which one you prefer more, film or web series?

Riya – Umm, I watch films more than web series but recently the number of web series I’ve been watching is increasing rapidly.


  • Earlier we have seen Moonmoon Sen and Raima Sen getting featured in Hoichoi. How’s your experience being a part of the Hoichoi family?

Riya – I’ve been fortunate enough to be casted as the lead heroine in my first Bengali web series. I’ve worked with Venkatesh Films before. Therefore they specifically had me in their mind for this project.

  • You are back in Bengali content after a long time. How much excited you are?

Riya – I’m very excited and I’ve always been open to working in Kolkata for good projects and this certainly is one of them.


  • Any message for the audience regarding the streaming of ‘Mismatch 2’?

Riya – Please download the ‘Hoichoi’ app immediately to watch ‘Mismatch 2’. I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy it!


  • Thank you so much ma’am for giving us time from your busy schedule. All the best wishes for ‘Mismatch 2’.

Riya – Thank you! My pleasure.


Journalist- Payal Roy


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