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Water memory: myth or science

Water is so beautiful we all know. It flows on its own. It takes shape of any container you keep. When we drink a glass of water after a hectic day, what a relief we get. It is a renewable source and it is endless. These are the things we actually know. But what about its memory and intelligence? Yes, water has both memory and intelligence.

According to scientific study, the structure of water is affected by the emotions of people. The water molecules change their position when they interact with positive or negative emotions. We have four elements in ourselves – fire, earth, water, space.

Whatever you consume is somewhere in the range of body temperature

Our body is made up of 75% of water. If you keep on sipping it, the body absorbs more water compared to one having a glass of water one at a time.

In my opinion, I don’t know whether it has memory or its just a myth but I might say. If we believe it, what are the benefits of believing it?

What is the method?

whenever u feel thirsty, have a look to the glass of water and create a thought that this water going to make everything fine today and the water is pure, free from any impurities. It would take u maximum 2 seconds and with these positive affirmations drink the water. it helps us to think in a positive way. Nowadays, we have become so negative in life that positive scares to come to us. suppose we are giving the patient the medicine and water. and we ae constantly unaware telling while stirring the water “don’t know why nothing is working? when he will be well don’t know” and so on. If u can find negative in positive situation, then u can also find positive in negative situation. We are choosing to get disturbed.

When you go to office wearing a white shirt, how much you need to take care that. You are always aware about where we are keeping our hands, or if we are leaning against any wall unaware and out shirt gets stained

Every word we say to our mind, it obeys like a child. Let’s teach our own mind….there is a tree of our life. Family, work, relationships, social work, relatives, friends. The energy comes in every cell. You make a lot of energy in the entire day. And eventually it affects you only. Then the ailments come. Dard hai jo mri mei dikhte nehi…

Every thought creates a feeling. Any habit is our own creation. we changed many habits and that’s so simple for us.Every thought reaches the person you are thinking about.

From Gaur Gopal Das’s one video, I have leant something very excellent. We go on complaining about things and yes when we are focused on our own task, our mind is unable to find problems in others because we are focused  as we are not seeing them. It’s as simple as that.


Let go of the past, of unfulfilled expectations from myself and others and greet the year with enthusiasm.

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