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Hairfall shampoo that will solve your hairfall issues

Hellloooooo, my lovelies,

Okay lets admit, we are all suffering from Hairfall problem be it a little or in huge sense.
Rough hair is a serious problem but as we know there are hardly few good shampoos that actually work great on us.

In today’s article I have brought a shampoo’s review. It is budget friendly. Also it has some great elements in it.
So without any further do let’s get started.

Name : RCM hairfall control shampoo with argon oil.
Quantity: 200ml
Price: 180 bucks
Availability: in RCM stores only and online as well.
Consistency: regular.
Colour, smell: yellow with a mild aroma.
Usage: use as your regular shampoo.

My experience: a hairfall shampoo with argon oil sounds great, isn’t it? Well it is. Argon oil will tame down your rough hair as well as very effective in reducing your hairfall issue.
I have used this shampoo a couple of times. I can’t comment on the hairfall claim but I can see the benefit of argon oil in my hair.

It has made my hair very smooth and manageable which a few shampoos can do. My hair is on the rough side. For me its a great experience.
However if you suffer from extreme hairfall it may not reduce that. Beside that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

● Pros:

1. Affordable.
2. Contains argon oil.
3. Travel- friendly.
4. Smoothen your hair really well.

● Cons:

1. Not available everywhere.
2. Does contain paraben.
3. Control hairfall moderately.

So yes guys that was my review for RCM hairfall control shampoo. You can check it out and comment down your experience that can help others as well.

See you next time, until then keep glowing girl. So try it girls. So be it open hair day or may be hairstyle day, you can stand out with your hair with strong and healthy roots.

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