Today is day 2 for Shilpa Shinde who was the winner of the last season and Vikas Gupta who participated alongside with Shilpa in last year and famously known as the “Mastermind” in Bigg Boss house Diwali special session. We can say with much conviction that these two won’t make the game anyway dull. They are known for spicing up anything and we believe they will do that here too.

The day started with Yeh Ladka Hai Dewaana while giving a hint that there will be some love stints. While Shilpa Shinde gives her two cents on how she thinks that Romil has greater chance to win this show because he has more enemies than others, Vikas asks KV why he is failing to show his aggression and determination in game. Being a friend he advises him not to give advice to any other housemates.

On the other hand, Urvashi talks with Somi and asked her to be clear with other housemates that she is no way interested in Deepak. Well, she choose another way to show her stance on this love rumour.
KV danced with Somi while Urvashi sang. Deepak was nothing but jealous by seeing such acts.
Was Somi then successful with this game plan to get away from Deepak? We shall see.

“BB gaon ki rangoli pratiyogita” starts finally. Jasleen made fun of Somi’s rangoli while Rohit ruined the “Vikas-Romil” duo’s rangoli by splashing water from the pool. Somi uses her brain and used markers to make her rangoli but Shilpa is too clever and she destroyed her’s too.

Since both the parties were unable to complete the task, Bigg Boss announced that this round won’t be counted at all.

After sometime, it was seen that Vikas Gupta called out Sree for not participating in the task but always sitting in the sidelines. Jasleen too supported Vikas in this argument. Sree who is known for his short temper and over sensibility, he got upset and angry when Vikas called his behaviour “Badtameez”. They both had a heated argument when the other team members tried to cool him down but failed, miserably.

At that very moment, Sree decided to jump teams by joining Shinde’s team. He called Vikas a fake and a loser.

Seeing Sree change his team, Jasleen too expressed her wish to join Shilpa’s team as she is not getting enough support.

Bigg Boss house and no dramas? That’s not even imaginable.

In the middle of all these hoppings, Shinde Parivaar and Gupta Parivaar got into a huge verbal fight. Sristy and Megha supported Vikas while Surbhi called Megha a frustrated “Aatma”. Sree too didn’t back down and knotted his legs with Dipika and KV. Shiv tried his best to calm him down but Sree was determined to be stubborn. In the end, Dipika started crying and gave up.

While KV and Vikas tried to console Dipika who was crying profusely, she was sorry for herself that she supported Sree in the house earlier. 

In the end, Gupta Parivaar wins the task “BB Gaon ki rangoli pratiyogita”.  Bigg Boss announces that it was then the time for Shilpa and Vikas to go out of the house. Deepak sang for their farewell while Dipika and Romil were seen to be quite upset with Sree’s behaviour.

The hands of the clock couldn’t past a certain hour but there was another heated argument in the house. This time it’s between KV and Sree.

Sree confronted KV and accused him that he hurted him intentionally and he is still not ashamed. KV defended himself saying he too did the same.

The argument intensified to such level that Sree made a statement while swearing by hus family that he would make KV’s life a living Hell.

Those were some strong words.

Other housemates joined to calm it down but failed. KV was very much upset with Sree’s behaviour. That kind of behaviour was very uncalled for. Still, KV tried to clarify about that miscommunication and misunderstanding which happened in the “Said” from where all these problems started. He even apologised to Sree.

Romil and Deepak were seen discussing that Sree’s anger and aggression were fake.

The day ended today with sadness, bitterness and drama. The house of Bigg Boss is never a house of peace and calm. And the contestants should know by now that the game will be more difficult from now onwards because everyone will change their masks and strategies according to their needs.

-Oindrila Majumdar

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