It was Diwali Dhamaka. The housemates woke up with a village set up in the garden because of which everyone thought it was a Diwali task, so they dress up in traditional dresses. Deepak, who was the captain of the house, was facing some problems in dividing the tasks among the housemates.

Srishti was happy to get the duties of washroom along with Rohit. Then we saw Deepak flirting with Somi. He was saying Somi looks beautiful without too much makeup. And he kept complimenting Somi.

Romil said that he would never trust Sree again. All the housemates got Diwali gift and thanked Bigg Boss. Sree asked Deepak to offer a biscuit to Somi. She refuses to eat and pushed him away. He got hurt. Deepak stole food and put it into the fridge. Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde entered the show. The contestants were shocked when Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde and mastermind Vikash Gupta entered the house. They told the House members that they were going to stay with them. The housemates finally got to relax when they knew that Vikash and Shilpa were only guests and are a part of a task. 

The house was divided into two groups. Gupta Parivar and Shinde Parivar. Gupta Parivar will have KV, Srishti, Dipika, Shiv, Megha and Jasleen and Shinde Parivar will have Romil, Somi, Survi, Deepak, Urvashi and Sree. Vikas and Shilpa were the sanchalak of the task. After discussing the game plan with Jasleen and Shiv, Sree spoke to Romil. The conversation did not go well with Somi and Survi as they were upset about Sree’s behaviour. Vikas and Shilpa complimented Shiv because of his game. The living area turned into a village. Shilpa told Jasleen that her father is really upset after knowing her relationship with Anup ji.

Vikas teased Deepakand said that his friendship is quite famous outside. The members were giventhe task. Vikas and Shilpa started planning the task with their group. Vikasteased Somi calling her, “Bihar ki bhabi“. The task started, KV andRohit collected most of the things to make a rangoli. Shiv and Romil wereassigned to destroy the rangoli of the other team. Megha destroyed Urvashi’srangoli. Urvashi tried to take revenge but she failed. Vikas and Shilpa decidedwho made the better rangoli. Gupta family own the first round. Jasleen wasupset after knowing a statement of Anup ji after he had left the house andother contestants were disappointed. The members were very serious about the second round. Shilpa slept on the rangoli platform to stop the Gupta family from making the rangoli.

Shilpa and Vikas could not decide the winner of the second round. The Bigg Boss said that as Vikas and Shilpa could not take the decision, the round will not be counted.

Somi spoke to Romil about Deepak’s behaviour. Somi said that she feels uncomfortable. Sree missed his family and got emotional. Deepika told Vikas that she is lost in the game. Shilpa cried to help Sree to understand the game. Shilpa said that she still feels very offended by Vikas. Megha told Romil that she will never be accepted in their group. Romil said that her behaviour during the captaincy task was not respectable. As the episode comes to an end Srishti broke Appy fizz fridge and take out a drink. Survi also took out a drink. Shiv, Romil and Srishti took a sip from the stolen Appy Fizz can.

-Trisha Saha

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